cloning SIM card for personal use


I’m trying to see if I could clone my personal SIM card. I have a huge data plan which I barely use on my mobile device, and I came across a pocket-size 4g router that I’ve successfully un-SIM-locked. I would definitely find some use for it, but my mobile network provider doesn’t have the option to have multiple SIMs for the same number/subscription. I’m totally aware that *IF* I could manage to close my SIM, I might face further restrictions (provider blocking multiple connection attempts or the like). But I’m interested in the technical aspects of it anyway.

So, I understand that if my SIM is a COMP128V1, I could possibly clone it. If it’s a V2 or V3, it’s impossible. Is that correct? How can I know whether my phone’s SIM is a V1, V2, or V3? Note that I’m talking cloning my own SIM card, so there’s no issue with the PIN or PUK codes.

I understand that blank SIM cards for 4G are not compatible with older SIM cards. Fair enough, but why exactly? Would I be okay with [such a blank card]( Do you possibly have suggestions for cheaper/better cards for delivery in Europe?

What about readers, can I just use any reader/writer to interact with my SIM cards? Is [this]( a good enough option?

If you have any insight, documentation, advice, I’m all ears!

Thank you.


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