Classic Download Bar for Microsoft Edge – Activate, Deactivate

Classic Download Bar for Microsoft Edge - Activate, Deactivate

Remember the old download bar, which is at the bottom of the browser? This article will definitely tell you how to enable classic download bar in Microsoft Edge.

For an example, here’s what we’re talking about:

The screenshot above is from Google Chrome, but at the end of this article you can see the same download bar on your Microsoft Edge browser.

If you download a file from the internet and notice that Microsoft Edge immediately displays a download icon in its toolbar that shows you the download progress in a new floating pop-up window.

The screenshot below shows you the new Flyout download UI with its download icon on the Edge toolbar.

new download drop-down menu in Microsoft Edge

Many users really don’t like the new Flyout toolbar for downloads at the top right corner of Microsoft Edge browser.

Restore Classic Download Panel for Edge Downloads

You may have noticed that if an older version of the Edge browser, the download bar would display at the bottom of the Edge.

If you are one of them who doesn’t like the new Flyout UI for Edge downloads, follow the steps below and restore the old classic download panel to the bottom of Microsoft Edge.

Step 1. We need to access the properties of Microsoft Edge browser shortcuts. Any of the options below may help:

Microsoft Edge shortcut properties

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2nd step. Navigate to the end of the Target field and add the following text on it:


classic download bar for Microsoft Edge

Step 3. Finally, click on Apply and Okay to save the changes.

The above settings will enable classic download bar in Microsoft Edge browser.

Now relaunch Edge browser and try to download something from the internet or whatever you wanted to download.

The download will start at the bottom of the edge, as it did in the old version.

To note: Suppose, in the future, if you want the new download interface at the top of the edge of the toolbar?

Very easy to restore default settings.

Go back to Microsoft Edge shortcut Properties and remove the added text from Target field and save the changes.

Congratulations! Here you are returned to the default download settings.

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