Clash Royale update arrives that improves Clan Wars

The new Clan Wars come to Clash Royale

Supercell has released an update of Clash Royale focused on improving and fixing Clan Wars 2 released this year.

Improvements in Clash Royale Clan Wars 2

The community of Clash Royale It is one of the most active on the web. The failures or successes of the seasons and updates are usually started constantly. And it seems that Supercell is paying more and more attention to it since it has released a new update of the game in which they improve the Clan Wars 2 with highlights by the community.

The Clan Wars They were launched this year and, from the beginning, there were aspects that did not like. That’s why a lot of people let Supercell know about it, and in this update, they focus on improving some of those aspects.

With an update Clash Royale has improved its new Clan Wars

The first of the aspects in which the Wars are the game modes of the river race. From now on, there will be more game modes and, right now for example, we can play a new x3 elixir mode with our deck.

They have also included two new Suspenders. This new Suspenders Are the Legendary Leagues I and II. You can reach them once you have reached a certain number of victories and the rewards that you can get will be better.

an update for Clash Royale Clan Wars 2

The x3 mode of elixir in the river race

Additionally, the matchmaking system has also been improved, one of the biggest complaints from the community. Also, some performance bugs have been fixed and the ability to add friends via Supercell ID.

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Leaving aside the improvements in Clan Wars 2 there is nothing to note about the update. Although we players expected perhaps news, it is not bad that Supercell release updates improving some of the features already in the game. What do you think of this update?


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