Clash Royale season 22 brings back the Pekka Fort

Clash Royale season 22 brings back the Pekka Fort

The Clash Royale season 22 returns the Fort of the Pekka into the game and focuses, almost entirely, on the new magic items.

A new season of Clash Royale arrives

Recently, we had a new Clash Royale update, one of the successes of Supercell. But how occurs every Monday at the beginning of the month And without being affected by the new update at all, we already have a new season in the game.

In this new season, we once again see a Legendary Arena that we already know. It is the PEKKA Fort which, in this case, belongs to the PEKKA since it was known some time ago that this card was one of the women in the game.

Clash Royale season 22 makes a change to the free Crowns and Pass Royale rewards:

In addition, from this new Legendary Arena, we find the rewards of both the Royale Pass and the free ones. But in these rewards, both in which we can acquire by buying the Pass and in the free ones, there are news.

clash royale 3 season 22

New start of the game

And, as announced in the update, now we can get different Objects Magical with the rewards of Coronas. We also find the challenges we are already used to in which we can get reactions in addition to prizes such as gold, cards or chests.

The only thing the game update seems to have affected, other than Magic Items, is Balance Settings. And, they have already been implemented in the update and, therefore, there will be no new balance changes this new season.

clash royale season 22 1clash royale season 22 1

This season’s Legendary Arena

What do you think of season 22 of Clash royale? Of course, while we have seen the Arena already, focusing on the main Items of the update is a pretty good thing. If you still do not play Clash Royale, we encourage you to do so as we are sure you will like it.

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