Clash Royale season 14 prepares us for the new update

Clash Royale season 14 prepares us for the new update

With the arrival of a new month comes the Clash Royale season 14, and this time we are preparing, little by little, for the new update that will arrive this month.

Clash Royale Season 14 1

New season of Clash Royale

Although it seems impossible, we are already in August. And, like every Monday at the beginning of the month since the seasons appeared in Clash Royale, the new season is now available in the game. This time it’s season 14, which is called Get ready for war! and it is based on the Mega knight, and it seems to prepare us for the future update of the game.

This time, in this new seasonWe return to the classic Legendary Arena from long ago. It seems that reusing Arenas is quite frequent in these seasons and in 14 we have seen this arena that is too well known to us.

The most interesting thing about Clash Royale season 14 are the challenges that come

As in the previous season, there is also no new card which makes a card already present in the game empowered. In this case it is the Mega knight. And this card also bases the new aspects of the towers.

Clash Royale Season 14 1Clash Royale Season 14 1

Battle Pass Rewards

While the tower skins available in all 35 reward brands are based on the Mega Knight, the emoji of the Pass Royale which is an emoji exclusive to archers. But it does the first of many exclusive challenges coming to prepare for the arrival of the update.

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As usual, we also have balance changes that are quite interesting. Starting with Rock Thrower, vision is reduced by 20% and the range of the rock and its damage are increased by 25% and 8% respectively. He Miner its damage to the towers of crowns is reduced by 5%, and it is increased

Clash Royale Season 14 1Clash Royale Season 14 1

Some of the challenges that come

The Recruits Real They see their damage increased their damage by 8%, while bats’ hitting speed is reduced by 0.2 points. Trunk range has also been reduced by 9% and the “spring effect” has been removed from the actual package. And lastly, the damage done by spells to the towers of crowns has been reduced by 5%.

The truth is that, this season, there is also no great series of novelties as if it happened in previous ones. And, although this season seems to prepare us for the future update, it should arrive as soon as possible since it seems to notice the lack of ideas for the seasons. What do you think of season 14 of the game?


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