Clash Royale season 13 brings summer to the game

Clash Royale season 13 brings summer to the game

Summer time is here and in the season 13 of the Clash Royale, the success of Supercell, the best time of the year has also arrived.

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Season 13 has arrived to the game

With the beginning of the month, as usual, Clash Royale premieres season. This time it’s about season 13 called Battle Tropical that leaves behind season 12, The Prince’s Dream, one of the most entertaining. We tell you all the news of this season.

As always, the first thing we notice is the change in Sand Legendary. We leave behind the Sand with dreamlike aesthetics and an Arena that will be known to you appears again. It has summer details and the battles take place on a kind of island or beach.

Clash Royale season 13 adds two new game modes

We can’t forget about Season Pass or Pass Royale. We have, as usual, the 35 free reward brands such as the 35 for those who acquire the pass. And as always, in case you have acquired the pass you can get a look of Coco for the towers and an emoji of a P.E.K.K.A. beachy.

clash royale season 13 5 tropical battle 1clash royale season 13 5 tropical battle 1

The current Legendary Arena

This time we don’t have a new card, but the Ice Mage will be empowered. We will also have numerous Challenges to get rewards, and in addition, two new game modes are added: Healing Ground and Stop that Giant!.

We also have some interesting balance adjustments that affect four cards: Fisherman, Dragons Skeleton, Fire Launcher and Electrocutors. The fisherman It is powered by increasing its speed, both anchor load and attack.

season 13 clash royale tropical battle 2season 13 clash royale tropical battle 2

Some of the game challenges

The Skeleton Dragons They have also been boosted, since they were a little loose since launch, increasing their damage by 6%. The Fire Launcher, one of the most used cards right now, sees its recoil reduced by 25% and Los Electrocutors Damage has been increased by 14% and their attack speed has been reduced by 5%.

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Unlike the last two seasons, The Prince’s Dream and Here are dragonsThis season doesn’t add too much to the game. In fact, the Legendary Arena has been reused from season 2. We hope that an update will arrive shortly and give the game a little more excitement. What do you think about it?


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