Clash Royale season 12 is here

Clash Royale season 12 is here

The Clash Royale season 12 It is now available to play in the game with a very colorful and dreamlike theme that will surprise you.

clash royale season 12 1

New season available in-game

Oddly enough, we are already in early June. And the beginning of the month in Clash Royale it is the arrival of a new season and, as it could not be otherwise, the new season is already implemented in the game to replace the last one season 11, Here are dragons.

We must start, as in all seasons, with the new Sand Legendary. In this season the dreamlike has been chosen and the Arena is designed with rainbows, unicorns, pink clouds, as well as a very idyllic landscape that forms the battle zone. The Arena thumbnail has also been redesigned to fit the theme.

In season 12 of Clash Royale we released a new card

We also have the Season Pass, the well-known Pass Royale. As always there are 35 free reward brands and 35 more in case the pass has been purchased. Among the latter we have an emoji and a skin for the towers, being the prince’s emoji and the skin for the towers of the season theme with clouds and golden designs.

Also, this season we have a new letter. It’s about the Dragons Skeletons, two ghostly dragons that spit fire from their mouths. They are, more or less, two dragon babies but in duplicate and with less damage and less life.

clash royale season 3 3clash royale season 3 3

The Arena Miniature

As usual we also have balance or balance changes and affect 6 cards. Following the theme of the season, the Prince is buffeted and his life is increased by 3%. By cons, the first card a nerf suffers, seeing its damage reduced by 10%, is the Royal Pack. This card was improved last season but it was very strong.

clash royale season 2 2clash royale season 2 2

The design of the Arena

The Bomber Tower is also nerfed and its duration is reduced from 35 seconds to 25, 10 seconds less duration. The Earthquake is also affected and now, although it will slow down troops more, it will not slow down their attack.

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What do you think about the new season, The Prince’s Dream? Of course, despite the fact that most of the seasons are fine, an update is being lacking that adds new features and makes the game more interesting.


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