Change the way we make payments to Apple and its services

Change the way we make payments to Apple and its services

The way we make payments to Manzana and its different services will change from now on due to new legislation.

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New regulations affecting Apple

We all know that when we make a payment to Manzana, either through its website to buy any of its products or through some of its services such as App Store or iTunes Store, our payment methods are more than safe.

This happens with almost all the big platforms and mobile companies. But although they tend to be practically safe, that does not exempt them from having to comply with the regulations that are emerging. And that is why, from now on, the way to buy in Manzana and your services will change.

The only Apple service that is not affected by PSD2 is Apple Pay

It is basically due to a new directive of the European Union called Second Directive on Payment Services (PSD2) that seeks that users make payments on websites, apps and others in the safest possible way.

That is why, from now on when we buy in the online store of Manzana either on your website or in your application, we may receive a message by SMS or through independent applications to confirm our purchase.

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Apple Pay Settings

This will also apply to the different services of Manzana in which you can make comparisons. In other words, when making a purchase in the App Store and in iTunes Store among others, we may also have to go through these security methods. And this also applies to subscriptions although it seems like it would be only the first time.

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The only service Manzana in which payments are made that is outside this new directive is Apple Pay and is that the payment service of Manzana it already complies with the necessary security measures. Therefore, we can continue to use Apple Pay although for the rest of services Manzana You will have to comply with the rules of the Directive.


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