Change Outlook Data File Location to New Location (2021)

Change Outlook Data File Location to New Location (2021)

This article is specially written on how we can change the location of Outlook data file to new location or folder.

Outlook data files (if configured more than one email) are saved in a different location in a hidden folder by default at

C: Users Your user account name AppData Local Microsoft Outlook

Outlook data file is an important file created when you configure Microsoft Outlook for Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. and for office email or private domain email address.

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If you have configured POP mail, the data file will be .PST (Personal Storage Table).

On the other hand, if email is configured through IMAP settings, you will have an .OST data file (online storage table), also known as Outlook offline data file.

Here is the example in the screenshot below where it differs from .PST and .OST data files:

Change location of Outlook data file to another location

Important note: Before starting the process of changing the location of Outlook data file to a new location using the following article, I strongly recommend that you do NOT skip the steps in this article and will assure you that at the end From this article, your Outlook data file location is changed and will sync your email correctly.

It’s a bit of a lengthy process, but it works as we tested on one of our email accounts set up in Outlook.

Close your Outlook application and follow the steps below.

Step 1. hurry Win + R to open the Run dialog box, then type control and press Enter or click Okay. This command will open the Control Panel on your screen.

how to open control panel

2nd step. Now, at the top right, change View by: Category to Small icons

To note: Selecting small icons gave you more visibility into all of the control panel elements.

windows control panel

Step 3. Here in locate and click Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit) icon

Mail (Microsoft Outlook) (32-bit)

Step 4. Email setup – Outlook window will open. Click on Data files … option to open data file settings.

Outlook data file settings

Step 5. Select an account from the given list (if you have configured more than one email account) and click Open file location … option

Outlook pst file location

Step 6. The above action will take you directly to the folder where Outlook .PST or .OST file is saved. Right click on the data file and select the option Cut

ost file location in Outlook

Step 7. After that, navigate to the folder or location where you want to create a new location for the Outlook data file and then right click on the empty space and select it Dough option

For example: We created a new folder named Outlook Folder in C drive and pasted the copied file.

As a result of the above action, we have successfully created and moved the Outlook data file to the new location.

data file

How to change data file path to new folder location in Outlook app?

At this point, we also need to launch the Microsoft Outlook application and provide the path to the new data file location folder.

The following steps will help you complete this task:

Step 1. Open the Microsoft Outlook application.

The moment Outlook loads the Outlook profile, will give you a message like .PST or .OST not found. You must click Okay Carry on.

Here is the picture for your reference:

pst not found while loading Outlook profile

2nd step. A new window will open on your screen and ask you to Create / Open Outlook Data File.

If you remember, we already created a new location above on Step 7.

Provide the new location path for an Outlook data file and click Open and a new location path is defined for the selected email account.

Outlook data file new location

Step 3. Now by making a Send / Receive all files, you will most likely get a similar error code below:

send receive error after changing location of Outlook data file

Step 4. To fix the error sending / receiving emails, we need to open the settings of the email account:

File menu> Account settings> Account settings

Step 5. In the Outlook Email Account Settings window, you will notice that the New folder location is not available.

Follow this video to do it:

Once you are done with the video above, you will see that the new data file location for your selected email is configured correctly.

location of the modified data file

Finally, feel free to click Send / Receive all files and your emails will start to sync.

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