Change Microsoft Edge download location

Change Microsoft Edge download location

Microsoft Edge is the default, built-in web browser for Microsoft Windows 10. This article will show you the steps to view and change the download location of the Microsoft Edge browser.

How do I see where the downloads are saved on board?

Where is the default location of the Edge download folder?

Can’t find Microsoft Edge downloads?

If you are using an Edge browser to download something from the web, by default it goes to Download folder in your user directory in the C: drive.

Follow the path to manually find your current Microsoft Edge download location: C: Users your user Downloads

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How to change the download location of Microsoft Edge?

The following steps were performed on Windows 10 version 20H2 and OS Build 19042.662. The Microsoft Edge browser version is 87.0.664.57.

Make sure to check the version of Windows and your browser.

The steps may vary if you are using the lower or higher version of Microsoft Edge.

Step 1. Open Microsoft Edge browser.

In the upper right corner, click the menu button (three horizontal dots) and select Settings from the list.

2nd step. Follow the steps below to view and change the location of Edge’s default download folder:

  1. Now in the left pane navigate and click on Downloads
  2. In the right pane, you will see the current download location where your download automatically goes.
  3. To change the location of the Microsoft Edge folder to the desired folder, click Change
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show Microsoft Edge default download location

Step 3. A Select folder or Location will be prompted (depending on your browser version) to choose the location of your preferred folder.

Select the desired folder and click Select folder.

change Microsoft Edge download location

The above action saved the new download for your Microsoft Edge browser.

From now on, if you download something from the internet using Edge, it will save your downloads in the new location selected.

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