Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Clash Royale season 20

Celebrate the Lunar New Year in Clash Royale season 20

The Clash Royale season 20 is now available in-game and is entirely based on the celebration of the Lunar new year.

Clash Royale season 20 is here

A new month has already arrived and, as always happens with the first Monday of the month, we already have a new season in Clash royale. We therefore leave behind the season 19 called Glacial Magic and we go into The Forbidden Palace.

As usual, the first thing we will see and what we look at is the new Legendary Arena. This time, unlike the previous season, we do have a Sand completely new and that we have not seen before.

Season 20 of Clash Royale takes us into The Forbidden Palace

It’s called, by the looks of it, The Forbidden Palace and it has quite an interesting aesthetic. We found a design that evokes ancient temples that we can see in some movies. The different designs that decorate it are also interesting, with flaming cups, a carpet and festive balloons.

clash royale 2 season 20

This season’s new home screen

New rewards also come to the Pass Royale of the game. We find the typical Pass Royale rewards, with their 70 brands in total, and this time a reward is included skin with the figure of a dragon and an aesthetic similar to the new Legendary Arena, as well as a emote of an Elite Barbarian.

clash royale 3 season 20

This is the new Legendary Arena

But we can not only obtain rewards by acquiring the Pass Royale. We can also get them through the different events that will take place this month. The rewards will be the most varied and we can get exclusive new emotes, gold, exchange tokens, as well as legendary chests and cards.

In order to enjoy this new season of Clash royale all you have to do is enter the game. All the elements that we have mentioned will appear directly. And, if you have not yet downloaded this fun game, we remind you that you can download it for free.


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