CAMEOS from Snapchat, a fun feature that you will love

CAMEOS from Snapchat, a fun feature that you will love

The snapchat cameos They are an original and interesting function that you can use in private chats with your friends. snapchaters.

Snapchat cameos

Snapchat cameos

With Cameos, Snapchat offers the ability to make private messages more fun. We can say that they are a fusion of the GIF of a lifetime, with the novelty that we can add our face, with movement, or the faces that we deem appropriate.

Here we explain how it works.

This is how Snapchat cameos work:

In order to use this new function, you must have the app updated to its latest available version. If you already have it, we access the app and go to the private chats section by clicking on the button that appears in the lower left, as a speech bubble and called “Chat”.

Once there we have to access any private chat. Once inside it, click on the option that we show you below:

Access cameos on Snapchat

Access cameos on Snapchat

You will see that a new menu opens where we will have to click on the button that we indicate below, to access the creation of the cameos.

Create your cameosCreate your cameos

Create your cameos

We choose one of those «GIFs» and if we have never created a cameoAfter choosing it, we will have to take a screenshot of our face and configure some options so that we can then choose and share, with our friend, the “Gif” with our face.

We can also customize the text in some Cameos, and we can even do Cameos for two people if our friend allows us to use his selfie.

How to change Snapchat cameo face:

If you had already set up a face for the cameos but you want to change it, you must select one of the cameos and before sending it, click on the option «New Selfie».

New Selfie for cameos

New Selfie for cameos

Now we will see the option to make a new Selfie.

How to share cameos in other apps or in my Snapchat story:

If one of the cameos that you have shared with your friends is funny to you and you want to share it on Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook… or in your story of Snapchat, you have to do the following:

  • Hold down the cameo.
  • From the options that appear, choose “Export”.
  • Then choose “Save video” if you want to save it on our reel, press the app in which you want to share it or press “Copy” and then paste it into the chat of another application.

This way it will be saved on your reel of the iPhone and you can share it wherever you want. Of course, we warn that a video will be shared and it will not have the repetitive effect that we can enjoy on Snapchat. In order to do so we must use some tool to convert it into Gif.

You can also export any of the snapchat cameos that appear on the screen where to choose the cameo that you want to share. By clicking on one of them, you will see that the option appears “To export”. By pressing it, it will give us the option to share it in other apps and even download it to your reel.

We hope you liked this new feature as much as we do. Snapchat. To see how long it takes Instagram to copy it … hehehehee.


If you want to have more information about it, access the article about Cameos that they publish on the Snapchat website.


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