Block contacts on iPhone. Avoid unwanted calls and messages

Block contacts on iPhone.  Avoid unwanted calls and messages

Today we are going to teach you block contacts on iPhone and iPad.

Block contacts on iPhone iOS

Who has not happened, that at the same time someone calls us that we do not want to call us, or a person calls or sends a message with whom, due to certain circumstances, we do not want to talk? Today, in one of our tutorials for iPhone, we are going to explain how to block them.

One solution is to let the mobile ring until you hang up or the voicemail box, but … why waste our battery? iPhone or iPad, if we can block contacts ?.

How to block contacts on iPhone:

The first thing we have to do is enter ADJUSTMENTS and look for the option that says «Telephone“Or”Messages«, We can block contacts in the 2 ways (from phone or from messages), we will do the example from telephone.

Click on the “phone” option

After having entered telephone, we scroll through the menu until we find a box that says «Blocked contacts ». When we have it located, click on it and we will access another menu.

Block contacts on iPhone

Block contacts on iPhone

Now we will see the contacts and numbers that we have blocked. At the bottom, the option we are looking for appears … “Add new…”. Therefore, we click on that option.

Option to block contacts on iOS

Option to block contacts on iOS

Now, we choose the contact we want to add and we can say goodbye to him until we want. We will not receive calls or messages from this contact until we remove them from our list of blocked contacts.

Another way to block a contact is to access your phone book, click on the contact you want to block, go down to the bottom of its menu and select “Block this contact”.

How to unblock a blocked contact on iOS:

To remove it from this «black» list, we will have to do a swipe toward the left (swipe left) from the list of blocked contacts. In this way, we will have it active again and you can call and message us again.

As you can see, in a few simple steps we can block contacts in iPhone and iPad, a highly recommended option so that those people who do it at hours that they do not have to bother to stop bothering.



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