Bike gear calculator. Choose the ideal development

If you are a cyclist or you are entering that world, Bike Gear Calculator GearRatio provides you with a bike gear calculator so that you get the full potential of your bike developments.

Bike gear calculator.  Choose the ideal development

App to know the ratio of bicycle gears

Can’t you clarify with the gears of your bike? Bike Gear Calculator GearRatio is one of the cycling apps that we can download in our iPhone. It provides you with all the data of the developments that your bike can offer.

Are you, like me, who do not know how to go up a pass? You do not know how many meters you advance with a specific development? … Do you want to know the speed that you can reach with the large chainring of your bike and the small pinion ?… All this data is provided by this great and useful app to road cyclists and of Mountain bike.

With a few simple settings, entering some information about your bicycle, you will be able to get the most out of it and learn much more about this two-wheeled vehicle that so many fans have.

Bike Gear CalculatorGearRatiodo not think that it is very difficult to understand. It is true that you must know the number of teeth that your chainrings and pinions have and the diameter of your wheels. Just by knowing this you can get oil out of your bike with this bike gear calculator.

How this bike gear calculator works:

It is very simple although a priori it seems that it is very complex. All we have to do, as soon as we unload it, is to know how many teeth our chainrings and sprockets have, as well as the diameter of our rim and the length of our pedal crank. These will be specified on the bike and if not, you will have to measure them or visit the website of the brand of your bike.

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All this info can be configured from the top of the screen, where Chainring are the teeth of the plate, Sprocket are the teeth of the pinions, Cadence / RPM is the pedaling cadence per minute and Km / Mile are the Km that we want to calculate that it would take to travel when configuring all of the above.

Configure the development of your bicycleBike gear calculator.  Choose the ideal development

Configure the development of your bike

We must also enter the length of the rim (Tire Size) and the pedal crank length (Crank Length). This is added from here …

Pedal length and wheel sizeBike gear calculator.  Choose the ideal development

Pedal length and wheel size

After this, we have to combine chainrings and sprockets in this upper area of ​​the screen, to see the speed, the time it takes to travel the Km that we specify, the route of each pedal stroke … with a certain cadence or vice versa (The cadence is configured from Cadence / RPM, which is the pedal strokes we give per minute).

The time we would need to travel the stipulated distance with the gear ratio and cadence that we have configured appears in green.

More information about development for your cycling routes:

At the bottom there is more information about the development mix that we have created. Here we translate it:

  • Gear Ratio: Gear Ratio
  • Gain Ratio: Gain Ratio
  • Gear Inches: Gear Inches
  • Devolopment: Development
  • Speed: Speed

As you can see, it is an app focused on cyclists and people who want to start in this world. Something complicated for the person who is not used to this type of information but who with a little practice will know how to master it perfectly.

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