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BgEraser: cut photo backgrounds using AI

by David
BgEraser: cut photo backgrounds using AI

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With everyone entering the internet commerce game in 2020, especially after the lockdown, it’s only a matter of time before you take it to the next level and start taking seriously how you present photos. of your goods. In addition, in the general social media environment, it is also common, after a certain point, to start presenting yourself seriously.

Part of it doesn’t show pictures with pieces of your neglected household or unwanted clothes in the background. This is considered unprofessional (or just too much information), and if you want to be taken seriously and sell certain products, it’s time to edit your background. This is where a time-saving tool like BgEraser comes in. You can use it to cut photo backgrounds with artificial intelligence.

What is that?

BgEraser is an online graphics tool that uses AI to detect and cut photo backgrounds. It is not just a selection tool like a magic wand. It is a smart tool that detects people and products in an image and does the work to determine which elements of the image are products or people and which backgrounds are unnecessary. After the treatment, you are presented with an image which is a transparent PNG of your image with the knocked out background. This is the theory.

In practice, this background eraser does an incredible job of separating the background and foreground and making you a usable image that you can use in your commerce and social media work. Let’s take a closer look.

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Cut photo backgrounds

Essentially, it is a very simple single use tool. First, upload one or more images.

Bgeraser Load Image

Press the Start button, the images are processed and the background is replaced by transparency. Whichever file format you have downloaded, you can download a PNG file to allow you to maintain transparency.

Bgeraser Download imageBgeraser Download image

You can use the file in a layer of a graphics program and put other elements behind the subject, such as patterns, flat colors, whatever you want. That’s literally all there is to it with this background erase tool.

Bgeraser Baseball AvantBgeraser Baseball Avant

Obviously, it does much better with sharp images and images where the subject is not very similar in color to the background. It expects a lot from AI if the subject and the background are the same color – even a human could not choose it.

Bgeraser Baseball AfterBgeraser Baseball After

However, the test images, some provided by the developer and some of ours, were the most impressive.

Yes, there was sometimes a thin halo of dark pixels around the lighter images of the subject, and even if it is not perfect, it is not horrible. In fact, in most cases, it helps to integrate the subject with its new background, especially if it is dark.

Bgeraser Thin LineBgeraser Thin Line

If you add the image to a graphics program and start putting images in the background, you will quickly see how it works. Take my bird photo, which I didn’t deliberately change for contrast.

Bgeraser Bird BeforeBgeraser Bird Before

Obviously, perfection is only really achieved by manual masking of the shape by drawing it around it. It takes a long time, and if you have to hide the background on 30 images for your ecommerce pages, it could be incredibly tedious.

Bgeraser Bird AfterBgeraser Bird After

Of course, the higher the resolution, the finer and more invisible the image becomes. For professional users with high image volumes, it makes sense to process the images in high resolution and then convert them in batches to screen resolution for ultimate quality.

Bgeraser Bird MoonBgeraser Bird Moon

But as you can see, if you look closely, this original image was really not contrasted and BgEraser still did a very good job. It meshes well with the new background layer. A tiny bit of manual touch-up is all that is needed to make this really clean.

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Considering the price and what you get, it’s a huge time saver. Even for occasional users, it is an excellent technology to save time and increase your professionalism in the presentation of your images. In addition, the more time you save on image processing, the more time you spend selling products or improving your profile on social networks.

Where to get it

BgEraser is available online and free to cut photo backgrounds without registering within certain limits. Files must be less than 2MB, width and height must be less than 700 × 700 and only the file extensions .jpg, jpeg and png can be used. You can open a free account and increase these limits to 5 MB and 2000 × 2000.

At the Pro level for a modest monthly price, you can lift these limits for images over 2000 pixels. There are three price ranges for super high resolution images: $ 5 gives you 50 images per month, $ 9.99 gives you 199 images per month and finally $ 29.99 gives you a colossal 999 images per month. Whether your needs are large or small, the service is scalable.

Also, if you need to further improve your photo editing skills, learn how to add a watermark without Photoshop and crop images in Photoshop.


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