Best Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

Best Safari Tips and Tricks for Mac Users

For most Mac owners, Safari is the gateway to the World Wide Web. Since this is probably your most used application, knowing tips, tricks and new features is the best way to get the most out of it. While Safari doesn’t have Chrome extension libraries, it still has a few tricks in its bag for Mac owners. Read on for the best advice.

Spindle tabs

Best Safari Pin Pin Tab Tips

There are certainly a few sites that you visit regularly. Keeping them nearby can facilitate their return. When a tab is pinned in Safari, it remains docked as the leftmost tab. Pinning a tab itself is incredibly easy: right-click on any open tab and select “Pin tab”. Rearranging the pinned tabs is as simple as dragging the tabs on top of each other until you have a configuration you prefer.

Mute tabs

Best Safari Mute Tab TipsBest Safari Mute Tab Tips

We’ve all been there when you open a new tab hoping to read new content and are rather struck by an autoplay video. In Safari, when a new tab is opened with audio playback, you will see a small speaker icon in the tab. Click on the speaker icon and it will automatically cut the tab.

Rearrange tabs

For anyone with multiple tabs open at once, organization can become an issue. To help you, Safari allows you to get at least some semblance of order.

1. Open the “Window” menu in the Mac menu bar.

Safari Mac Best Advice Window TabSafari Mac Best Advice Window Tab

2. Choose “Rearrange tabs by”.

Best Safari Mac Arrange Tabs TipsBest Safari Mac Arrange Tabs Tips

3. You can now choose between “Title” or “Website”.

Best Safari Mac Arrange Tabs 2 TipsBest Safari Mac Arrange Tabs 2 Tips

For many, choosing to sort by website will be the most useful. This way if you have multiple Twitter profiles, Google Doc tabs, etc. open, they will all be side by side.

Customize the Safari toolbar

Best Safari Mac Toolbar TipsBest Safari Mac Toolbar Tips

The Safari toolbar is where your most important buttons will go for daily use. This includes your Home button, sidebar, overview of tabs, etc. Right click anywhere on the toolbar and select “Customize the toolbar”. You can then drag any item to the toolbar. Once you’ve dragged all of the icons you want to use, click “Done” and all of your changes are saved.

Change your search engine

Safari, like most browsers, will allow you to choose between a few different default search engines. By default, Safari is enabled with Google, but it’s not your only available option.

1. Go to Safari, Preferences and open the preferences window.

Best Tips Preferences Safari MacBest Tips Preferences Safari Mac

2. Click on the “Search” tab.

Top Tips Search Engine Safari MacTop Tips Search Engine Safari Mac

3. You will immediately see a drop-down list that allows you to choose between Google, Yahoo, Bing or DuckDuckGo.

Best Safari Dropdown Search TipsBest Safari Dropdown Search Tips

At the moment, there is no way to add your own search engine. For now, Safari has just chosen to add the most popular options.

Save pages in PDF format

Best Safari Mac Save Pages Pdf TipsBest Safari Mac Save Pages Pdf Tips

For whatever reason, if you need to export a website to PDF, Safari makes it very simple. Go to the page you want to save, then click on File and “Export to PDF”. The last remaining step is to choose where on your hard drive you want to save the page. You can then refer to the PDF at any time, and it will open automatically in Safari, Preview, or in the PDF viewer of your choice.

Transfer continuity

Safari being the default browser for iOS and Mac, Apple has long explored how to make it transparent between the two systems. Enter Handoff, Apple’s solution to start email on Mac and recover on iOS. It also works incredibly well with Safari.

Best Safari Mac Handoff TipsBest Safari Mac Handoff Tips

1. Start by logging into your iCloud account on both devices.

2. On your Mac computer, go to “Preferences -> General” and click on the box next to Transfer to authorize it.

3. On iOS or iPad OS, go to “Settings -> Transfer” and move the switch to make it active.

3. Once activated, you can continue with your normal browsing activities on your Mac. When you want to pick up where you left off on your Mac on your iPhone or iPad, a small icon will appear above your Safari icon. Tap Safari and it will allow you to select the page you want to continue browsing.

Reading list

The bookmarks were yesterday’s news. Today, everything revolves around the Safari playlist. We’ve all come across some interesting articles that we want to read, but we don’t have the time right now. On all Apple devices, reading of the list is activated via the sidebar icon on Safari on Mac or using the book icon on Safari on iOS / iPadOS. You can choose the glasses icon to display your entire list of items. To add a new article, you have two options on Mac.

1. The first is to press the “+” sign that appears next to the website URL. Once you have clicked on the “+” icon, the article or site will be automatically saved to your reading list.

Playlist of Best Mac Safari TipsPlaylist of Best Mac Safari Tips

2. Alternatively, you can click the Share Sheet icon and the first option in the drop-down list is “Add to Reading List”. Select it and the article will be automatically saved to your reading list.

Best Safari Mac Reading List Share Sheet TipsBest Safari Mac Reading List Share Sheet Tips

If you want to read these articles offline, for example when you are on a plane, go to “Safari -> Preferences -> Advanced” and click on “Automatically save articles for offline reading”.

Safari Reader

Best Safari Tips Mac Safari ReaderBest Safari Tips Mac Safari Reader

Safari Reader removes all distractions from any site where it is available, allowing an uninterrupted view of your chosen content. Note that this does not work on all websites but certainly works on several. To activate Reader, click the four-line icon that appears next to the “+” button to the left of the URL. A single press of this button will activate the Player view. Clicking on it again will take you out of the player view.

The above is just the tip of the iceberg for using Safari. Remember that you can also add extensions to extend its functionality. Are you using Safari on your Mac or one of the powerful alternatives?


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