Best Chrome Extensions to Refresh New Tab Page

Best Chrome Extensions to Refresh New Tab Page

Google Chrome’s new tab page is very minimal with a few quick links to the most viewed websites. For many, this new default tab is boring and uninspiring, and the lack of customization options makes it unpopular with the crowd. Fortunately, there are a lot of great Chrome extensions out there that can totally revamp your new default tab into a more useful page.

1. Get started!

the Start! The new tab page has the perfect name for the extension to start our list! This new tab page replacement does one thing very well – it places your bookmarks on the page so that you can access them easily and quickly when you open a new tab.

new tab alternatives begin

You can also configure Flickr for a more personalized backdrop. You can also do things like place RSS feeds and customize the page layout.

2. Awesome new tab page

As for the graphics, or how cool it looks, Awesome new tab page is a very good choice. It is made up of custom placed tiles that end up really catching the eye.

new antp alternatives tabnew antp alternatives tab

You can add links, widgets and apps to the new tab page setup, which creates a real custom situation. For an extra touch, use the note widget to leave you messages like reminders.

3. Amazing StartPage

the Amazing start page really lives up to its name, in my opinion. I have three main boxes: recently closed tabs, bookmarks, and the main or large box. The larger box has three tabs: my favorites, my apps, and most visited sites.

amazing start pageamazing start page

You can really personalize this one by changing the background color, choosing your own wallpaper for the big box, and several other design elements. Then there’s the handy sticky note where you can type your own messages, much like the Note app.

4. Speed ​​dial 2

Another customizable option is Speed ​​dial 2. The default configuration contains several of your favorite links with a screenshot of each site. Then there’s a drop-down tab on the right that offers lists of recently closed apps, bookmarks, and tabs.

speed dialspeed dial

Seriously, there are so many settings you can tweak to customize things to your liking. Check them out and see what you can do for yourself.

5. Momentum

Momentum is your unique motivational space to focus on what matters in a beautiful way. Each day, it will let you type in a task to focus on what you need to accomplish, and it displays new context and a quote each day to motivate you. It also has a built-in to-do list where you can type in everything you need to do and easily access it whenever you open a new tab.

Motivation-new tab-MomentumMotivation-new tab-Momentum

Momentum also offers a premium version ($ 1.99 / month) which allows you to change themes and fonts, skip backgrounds and quotes, grab data from popular to-do list apps, and fully customize. task lists. It asks you to provide your email to sync changes across all your devices, but you can decline it if you don’t want this feature.

6. Mortality

One thing many of us forget is that time is limited for everything, which is why we continue to postpone tasks from today until tomorrow. Mortality is a bit of a harsh approach to remind you that today is the day to get up and get things done. Just give your date of birth and Mortality will display your current age in years, months, days, hours, minutes, seconds, and even milliseconds on your new tab. The stopwatch continues to run and tells you how quickly time is running out. It literally makes you feel like you have less time, especially the milliseconds – they’re pretty scary.

Motivation-new tab-MortalityMotivation-new tab-Mortality

In addition to the timer, it displays the total of the past months as colored circles and squares to show you how much you have already spent.

7. Random quote

Motivation-New Tab-Random QuoteMotivation-New Tab-Random Quote

Random quote takes a simple approach to show a random quote every time you open a new tab. There are no bells and whistles, just a simple colored background with a random quote. The color and quote change every time you open a tab, and I have opened over fifty tabs without repeating a single quote. I also found my new tab opening faster compared to Chrome’s new default tab after installing the extensions above.

If the above is not enough, there are plenty of Chrome extensions available to extend its functionality or even speed up your browsing speed.


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