Best apps for Instagram Stories. Succeed thanks to your stories [2021]

Instagram allows you to see who has seen your Stories for 48 hours

We talk about five apps for Instagram Stories, which will help you improve your publications.

Apps for Instagram Stories

Apps for Instagram Stories

Of course, today the fashion social network is Instagram, but within her what triumph are her stories. Short and ephemeral videos in which we can find everything. Surely you also use them … right?

If you want to grow in this social network, it is essential that you use external tools to improve all the content that you publish on it. But above all, improve your Stories. It is fast, very accessible content that many people consume on a daily basis.

That is why we are going to tell you what, for us, are the best apps that will help you improve this content.

Apps for Instagram Stories:

1- Mojo:

Screenshots of Mojo

Screenshots of Mojo

With this application we will see a series of categories and in them numerous templates that we can use in our stories. Thus, we will see the category Minimal, with minimalist templates, Photography, with templates focused on enhancing the photo we use, or Cinema, perfect for videos, among other categories. It is a paid app but we can make use of very good free templates to enhance our Stories. Further, Mojo it even allows us to add music to our compositions.

Download Mojo

2- CutStory:

App CutStory App CutStory

CutStory App

This app allows us to take a video and split it into 15-second sections. This will allow us to post full videos to our stories. If you want to know more about him, you can see the review that we dedicate to him on our channel Youtube to CutStory.

Download CutStory

3- Snapchat:

Snapchat ImagesSnapchat images

Snapchat images

Snapchat is the best app to use face filters. Without a doubt, the quality of the lenses is amazing and, for us, it is the best app for it. You can record any video with any filter and then download it to publish it on your Instagram Stories.

Download Snapchat

4- Splice:

Video editor for iPhone

Video Editor for iPhone

Splice is the best video editor to edit any video you have on your reel and publish it in your stories. Plus, it’s great for creating compilation videos of photos. One of our fixed apps in our iPhone.

Download Splice

5- Instagram:

Instagram screenshots for iPhone

Instagram screenshots for iPhone

Believe it or not, the one with the interface itself Instagram Stories you can do a multitude of things. We can add photos, music, colored backgrounds, colored letters… A lot of resources that allow us to compose wonderful stories.

All about Instagram

We hope you have been interested in the article and that you get much more out of your stories with these five apps for Instagram Stories.



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