Benefits of using Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

Benefits of using Dark Mode on iPhone and iPad

You are from use the dark mode on your iPhone and iPad? Today we are going to talk about the benefits of using it. Without a doubt, it is something to take into account for the health of our eyes and our devices.

Dark mode on iPhone

We have had the dark mode function available on our Apple devices for a while. It took a long time to arrive but it is already fully operational in ios Y iPadOS. Also, little by little, many iPhone and iPad apps They are adding this very interesting function.

It is not something merely aesthetic. As with him True tone and the Night shiftare functions that help us preserve the health of one of the most important senses we have … sight.

These are the main advantages of using the dark mode job on iPhone and iPad:

In the following article we explain how to activate dark mode on iPhone and iPad. We have to say that we can always have it active or that it is activated automatically at certain times of the day.

Dark mode protects eyesight:

When reading white text on a black background, our pupil tends to dilate and enlarge. This helps protect your eyesight in low light conditions. When reading white screens at night, or in low light conditions, the brightness of the screen constricts the pupil, which can lead to vision damage such as astigmatism.

Decreases visual fatigue:

Spending many hours staring at a blank screen causes eyestrain. The dark mode of iOS and apps, allows us to rest our eyes from that white light emitted by the screens.

Improves user experience:

Black screens are much more enjoyable to watch. In fact, many apps, especially platforms like Netflix, HBO…, They use it by default since most users prefer that type of interface.

Reduce battery consumption:

A study confirms that using dark mode, on iPhones with OLED screens, reduces battery consumption on the device. This is because white pixels consume more power than black ones. It is something that we have always commented to you and that is within our article with tips for save battery on iPhone. Specifically, it is advice number 26.

Without further ado and hoping that you found this article interesting, we hope you share it on your favorite social networks and messaging apps.



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