Be careful with Dual SIM and 5G in the iPhone, there is a surprise

Be careful with Dual SIM and 5G in the iPhone, there is a surprise

We bring you all the information about Dual SIM and 5G in the iPhone 12, since you can get the odd little pleasant surprise.

Dual SIM and 5G

If you want to put Dual SIM, say goodbye to 5G

Today we are going to talk about Dual SIM and 5G. Something that many users, including ourselves, have tried and we have been surprised.

When Apple introduced us to the iPhone 12, it spoke to us above all about that famous 5G and the speeds that we could reach. And is that seeing the data in the US, we could see speeds of more than 1GB of download per second … But the surprise came when it was learned that it was available only in that country.

But we not only have that surprise, it has also been possible to discover another one, which many users will have been able to piss off, as well as disappoint.

Dual SIM and 5G don’t go hand in hand

As Apple communicates on its website and also on its iPhone settings screen, when we activate Dual SIM, we will not be able to enjoy 5G.

Dual SIM and 5G 1Dual SIM and the 5G 1

not available at the moment

We do not yet know why, but it has been possible to know that it will be something that they will solve before the end of the year. In principle, it is expected that with the arrival of iOS 14.3, but there is nothing concrete yet. But what we do know for sure is that if you activate another mobile plan on your iPhone, you have to say goodbye to 5G.

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Hopefully this will be solved as soon as possible, because it is true that we do not have the speeds that exist in the US, but there is a difference of about 100mb / s with respect to 4G. In addition, we can assure you that under favorable conditions, this speed can reach even more, reaching 800mb / s.

So, as we have commented, we hope that soon Apple will solve this problem and we will see an update in which they allow us to enjoy 5G even if we have 2 mobile plans.

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