Be careful, only Apple can repair the iPhone 12 if it breaks

Be careful, only Apple can repair the iPhone 12 if it breaks

We bring you all the information available about repairing the iPhone 12 in case of broken screen, camera … whatever.

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Only Apple will be able to repair the iPhone 12

Today we talk about the possibility of repairing the iPhone 12. Something that only Apple can do and no third party will have access to this repair without the consent of Cupertino.

When an iPhone breaks, apart from putting our hands on our heads, we always think about where we want to take it for repair. We may never think of taking it to Apple, because the cost of repair will be much higher than anywhere else. This is because only they use original parts and therefore of the quality with which they make the iPhone.

But with the arrival of the iPhone 12, this has changed and no one will be able to repair this device unless it is Apple or a center certified by those in Cupertino.

Only Apple will be able to repair the iPhone 12

It was already known that Apple creates certain restrictions on its devices, to avoid third-party repairs. With this, we ensure that we do not have failures with the device in the future and everything works as Apple wants.

In this case and in this iPhone 12, the new obstacle that Apple proposes, has to do with the camera. We are talking about the complete camera module, which can be replaced by any, but the restriction comes in Software mode.

repair iPhone 12 1repair iPhone 12 1

iPhone 12 disassembled for parts

In short, that without the Software that Apple provides to certified centers or that they own, once the camera is replaced, it will work … but it will begin to fail until it is useless.

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Therefore, the only thing that can be done is to go to them or to a specialized center. With this we will now have the guarantee that the product that they are replacing us is totally original from Apple, since otherwise it could not be changed.

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