Be careful in WhatsApp groups. See what happened to this user

WhatsApp response clarifying its new Terms of Service

We are going to talk about what happened to a WhatsApp user that, without wanting or eating it, he cannot use the app for two months. We explain what happened to him in a whatsapp group.

Beware of WhatsApp groups

Everything we tell you we saw in the account of Twitter of WABetaInfo. We investigate the subject and we want, like this well-known Twitter profile, to contribute our grain of sand so that Whatsapp improve on support issues.

Many users are involved in bans and blocks, by the messaging application, without violating any of the rules and bases that the platform establishes for the correct use of the application. This is something that happened to a French user and that reported in Reedit.

Blocked in WhatsApp for belonging to a group that changed its theme, photo and title:

Below we translate the message that he published in Reedit and that you can access it by clicking on the link that we have shared above:

Hello everyone, I have not found any solution for almost two months.

I was permanently banned from using whatsapp after a hack and I sent tons of messages to whatsapp support without receiving any comments about it. I try to get in touch with anyone who can fix our problem or at least get in touch with a person close to support. I have proof of what I am reporting. I live in France (many phrases in the image are in French but can be translated). Can you help me? I’m desperate.

This is my story:

We were 13 people, friends from Belgium and France in a WhatsApp group.

On February 9 we were banned.

One of our friends (his nickname is «Pierre Coucou»), was hacked (apparently he accepted a message (in English ~ mistakenly sent you 6 digit ……). He was an administrator in our group, so the hacker took his rights admin. The hacker changes the image (pornographic image), changes the group title (Japanese character about a pornographic child), adds and removes phone numbers. I was busy and didn’t see all these changes on my phone but …

In the afternoon, a large part of my group received the WhatsApp ban. We tried many times to send messages, emails to support, but they rejected all requests. Today I try again, because I have family and friends there. I pass all the captures to them (you can see them in the Reedit link that we leave you earlier in the article). We have done nothing wrong.

Right now, I have a list of people’s profiles on Facebook and Twitter… which, unfortunately, are not helpful. If anyone knows people from the WhatsApp support, please help me, help us. ».

WhatsApp support:

Here it is clear that the whatsapp support it is not efficient at the time of helping in cases like the one we have dealt with.

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When a person is banned and blocked because he violates the rules and bases of the platform, it would not hurt to leave a small door so that they can claim. Especially if they are punished for belonging to a specific WhatsApp group. As we have seen, anyone who is the administrator of a group can cross the wire and have a multitude of people banned and blocked, simply by changing the group’s theme.

This is something very delicate that the WhatsApp team should assess.



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