BBM app for Android with added privacy features

BBM app for Android with added privacy features

This BBM app has been extended with privacy protection features, such as hide message notification, block read state and lock bbm chat with password. The message / chat hiding notification will hide the chat content from the Android notification panel as well as the scrolling text at the top of the phone. This new feature should come in handy if you lend your phone to someone and don’t want them to read the incoming message. This excellent BBM app is BBM Essential v2.
While the Block read state is useful for viewing and reading a chat message without sending the R (Read) sign, so your contact might think you haven’t read it. Cool isn’t it? And more than that, this BBM modded app also has Lock Mode which allows you to hide the entire BBM app interface. But wait, that’s not all. There are many other extended features, read on.

Extended Features of BBM Essential v2

  1. Smaller file size (optimized for HD screen)
  2. Super light and low RAM consumption
  3. Movable on SDCard
  4. Automatic rotation
  5. Multilingual option (Indonesia, English, Sundanese, Javanese). The developers are happy to add your own language.
  6. The default feeds are contacts (not showing ads)
  7. Semi-transparent back
  8. Automatic color change at the specified time
  9. Four background colors
  10. Possibility to activate or deactivate the ads
  11. Block read status with on or off switch
  12. Full screen image without cropping
  13. Private mode and lock mode
  14. Bomb Chat / Auto Text in Chat & Group Chat
  15. Hide or show the Bomb Chat panel (NEW)
  16. Hide message / chat notification (NEW)
  17. Full profile picture for contacts and own profile (NEW)
  18. Switch contact image to full or default (NEW)
  19. And more…
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Download and how to install

Please note, this BBM Essential v2 is available in two versions, non-cloned (original) and cloned. The uncloned version will replace your official bbm app, while the cloned version is a stand-alone app with a different signature and process name, which allows you to use multiple BBM apps in one phone at once.

  1. Download BBM Essential v2
  2. If you are using the official bbm app, uninstall it first (uncloned version only).
  3. Install the application normally.
  4. Check the “Unknown Source” as it does not install from the Playstore.
  5. Open and log in with your BBM account

Some features require you to restart your BBM app, so make no mistake, this is normally fine. Or if you need a lighter BBM app, please try the previous version of the app here Cool BBM app with extensive functionality. Thanks for reading and hope you like it.

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