Battery health monitoring arrives on WatchOS 7

We show you all the information about the new function of the battery health control that we will see in the future WatchOS 7.

Today we are going to talk about battery health check on Apple Watch. A function that we already have on the iPhone, but that reaches the Apple Watch in WatchOS 7.

Many times we worry about our battery, be it on the iPhone or on our watch, iPad … Wherever it is, it is an issue that is always there and that if we do not take care of it, we can make the useful life of our device be reduced by this. That is why Apple puts a lot of emphasis on this topic and gives us several tools for it.

Now it is the turn of the Apple Watch and it has been discovered in the WatchOS 7 betas that we will have the function of monitoring the health of the battery.

Battery health control arrives on WatchOS 7

As it happens on the iPhone, from now on… well, after the arrival of WatchOS 7, we will be able to analyze the battery of our watch.

It is without a doubt one of those functions that Apple is asked to do and ends up granting us. With this we can see what percentage of battery we have spent, that is, its percentage of useful life. As we all know, this part of 100% and as time passes and as we take care of it, it can decrease faster or slower.

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Battery health monitoring arrives on WatchOS 7

Therefore, our recommendation is that you take good care of your batteries and you will have a device for time. Remember that if your battery percentage is 80% or higher, it means that this device still has a few more years to live.

So take advantage of this function that will arrive soon on Apple Watch and start taking care of that small battery.

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