Avast Secure Browser Review – Make Technology Easier

Avast Secure Browser Review - Make Technology Easier

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These days, there are many browsers that you can use to access the Internet, but the first three see the vast majority of users. Whether you’re a long-time Chrome fan, a regular Firefox user, or trying the all-new Microsoft Edge remix, you’ve probably tried and tested the competition.

Did you know, however, that Avast now has its own browser? This is called the Avast secure browser and can be found on Windows, Mac and very recently, Android. Is it worth it, or is it another lost browser among the big three?

Avast secure browser performance

Avast Secure Browser is fast and agile from the start. Indeed, the entire browser works from Chromium, which many browser developers have chosen to leave. Microsoft Edge made this change a few months ago, and their efforts have meant that more people are using Edge than Firefox.

As such, it is fast and stable, as you would expect from a Chromium-based browser. Avast Secure Browser even “found” my Chrome bookmarks and cookies and transferred them without any problems. This made it easier to get started with Avast Secure Browser.

To see how Avast’s chrome base resists, we used JetStream to see how well it worked. The higher the score, the better.

Fortunately, Avast Secure Browser got a very respectable score of 58.968:

Avast Browser Revision Score

For reference, Chrome obtained a score of 61,015 on the same test. As expected for a browser based on Chromium, it can follow Chrome with regard to the technical aspects.

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Avast Secure Browser Extensions

Fortunately, Avast Secure Browser does not require much configuration. Indeed, it comes with many useful extensions from the start.

You can open the Security and Privacy Center to see which extensions the browser has preinstalled and which ones are activated. The browser activates all important elements by default, so you do not need to access this screen to enjoy the benefits of extensions.

When you start it, it has an ad blocker, an anti-phishing extension, an anti-tracking extension, a browser fingerprint disguise, encryption HTTPS, password manager, extension protection and webcam protection. It will also check your credentials on websites like HaveIBeenPwned to make sure they are secure.

Due to its Chromium base, it is also compatible with Google Chrome extensions. When you add an extension, Avast extension protection intervenes and shows you the privileges you grant to the add-on.

Avast browser revision extensionAvast browser revision extension

Avast Secure Browser also has extensions for Avast Antivirus and a VPN; however, you need to install them independently and the VPN has monthly fees.

Avast Secure Browser Defenses

Given that it is a security browser, what is its ability to defend yourself? For starters, Avast Secure Browser inherits all the security measures from its Chromium database. This means that if you visit an unsecured website (for example, one of the test pages on BadSSL), you will see Chromium error messages.

Avast browser exam certificateAvast browser exam certificate

However, Avast’s browser goes even further than its Chrome roots. We covered extension protection earlier, which is useful for knowing what permissions a new extension wants. However, while testing with BadSSL, I found an interesting feature of the Avast browser.

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I was testing the browser using BadSSL Unsecured Form Web Page. Because this is not a real login page, I got lazy and said “hello” to my username and password. When I “submitted” the information. Avast Secure Browser immediately warned me that the credentials I had chosen were very weak:

Avast browser revision warningAvast browser revision warning

Therefore, if password hygiene is important to you, the Avast browser will ensure that your credentials are secure enough to keep your account secure.

The Pros and Cons of the Avast Secure Browser

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s take a look at the pros and cons of the browser.

To begin with, choosing a Chromium base was very smart. It’s hard to keep up with the top three browsers, but using a Chromium base allows Avast’s browser to follow everyone.

The extensions were also a nice addition. None of them felt like bloatware. extensions that did nothing important but took a lot of resources. I was delighted that the extension guard informed me of the permissions of an add-on and that the password checker informed me of a weak password.

The only flaw is really not a flaw at all. It had previously been reported that Avast sold user data through its subsidiary, Jumpshot, which aggregated it into market trend reports. To correct the concerns, Jumpshot was closed in January. You can read the Memo from the CEO on this topic.

My verdict on Avast Secure Browser

If you are a regular user of browsers like Firefox and Chrome, Avast Secure Browser has a surprising amount of good points. Its Chromium base allows it to follow the big leagues, and the preinstalled extensions make it easier to put someone online safely with a minimum configuration.

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Obviously, if you use Avast’s antivirus software, it works in tandem with the browser for a secure experience. However, you don’t need the antivirus to use the browser, but it’s worth a look if you want to try something new.

Avast secure browser


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