Automatically change Apple Watch faces based on time

Automatically change Apple Watch faces based on time

We show you how to be able to automatically change the Apple Watch faces according to the time, day or week we are in.

So you can automatically change the faces of the Apple Watch

Today we are going to teach you automatically change Apple Watch faces. A good way not to get bored of always seeing the same spheres.

Surely at the end of the day you see your watch countless times. That is why in the end we end up getting bored with it and we don’t really know which one we want to put on. So we always end up having the same one and we already forget that we have more spheres to put.

Today we are going to propose something different, and that is to have a different sphere depending on the time we are. That is, every hour we will have a new one.

How to automatically change Apple Watch faces

The process is something simple, although it is true that we will have to do several steps to achieve it. We will be able to do all this from the Siri Shortcuts app.

So without further ado, we go to this app and go directly to the automation section. Once here, the process is simple, although as we have mentioned, there are several steps. Therefore, we do the following:

  • Go to the shortcuts app and create a new personal automation.
  • This should be the “Time of day.”
the spheres of the Apple Watch 1

Select time of day

  • Here we select if we want to change it to a specific time or if we want it to be every day, week or month.
  • Now in “Add action”, we select the “Apple Watch” looking for it in the search engine.
  • In the list that appears, we select the option “Define sphere”.
  • The automation will have been created for us and we will now have to select the sphere we want, to do this we click where it says «Sphere».
the spheres of the Apple Watch 2

Define the sphere we want

  • Click on next, and now we must uncheck the option “Request confirmation”, in this way it will do it automatically.
  • Click on “OK” and that’s it.

In this way we can create this automation so that our sphere changes automatically every day and at the time we want.

If we want it to change every hour, we must create this automation with all hours of the day.


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