Are we facing the last moments of the TikTok app?

Are we facing the last moments of the TikTok app?

TikTok It is suffering numerous setbacks in recent days with prohibitions in countries and by certain important entities.

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More problems for TikTok

We are sure that many of you will know the social network TikTok, an app that has recently gained a lot of popularity, especially during confinement. But this app So popular of videos, it is not only known for the entertainment it offers.

And it is that, since it began to gain popularity, there have been numerous news stories involving TikTok in numerous both security issues as privacy. And it has been exposed again in the iOS 14 beta by showing that accessed our clipboard unnecessarily and without our consent.

Two large US companies ban the use of TikTok from their employees:

Now, in addition, another front is opened for this popular social network. Apparently, in addition to the fact that the United States is considering the ban and it has already been banned in India, two large companies have recommended or forced their employees to uninstall the application from their mobile devices.

They are about Amazon, the giant of electronic commerce, and Wells Fargo, one of the largest banks in the US. Amazon, by email, reported that TikTok It couldn’t stay installed on corporate mobiles. Although later, it issued a statement alleging that, for the moment, they maintained the same policy regarding TikTok and there was no need to uninstall it.

tiktok catches 2020tiktok catches 2020

Popular video app faces problem

For his part, Wells Fargo has forced its employees to completely remove the app from their devices. And both companies allege privacy and security issues in the app. These problems would make its use on employees’ devices incompatible. Without a doubt, both movements are a very big setback for TikTok.

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And what do you think? Some of these movements may be political movements, but when companies as important as Amazon “Recommend” uninstall the app, sure there is some major security issue behind.


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