Are Streaming Games Your Best Option?

Are Streaming Games Your Best Option?

Long ago, if you wanted to play the latest video games with maximum graphics settings, there was only one way to do it: get a high-end gaming PC. These platforms may require a penny and may not be workable for some.

These days, internet connections have become so fast that it is possible to stream games to your device. You don’t need to pay for an expensive PC if you have a fast enough connection – just use a cloud gaming PC and stream the video to yours.

With cloud gaming now a reality, is it better than buying your own gaming PC?

Short-term and long-term costs

First, there is the cost of both. The main attraction of cloud gaming is that you can access high-end PCs for a fraction of the purchase price.

Gaming Pc Cloud Money

The long-term costs for cloud games depend on the service you select. For example, if you use Geforce Now and stay on their basic plan, you can play games for free. If you opt for the Founders plan on Geforce Now or use a service like Shadow, you will pay a monthly fee.

Buying a PC, on the other hand, is a one-time fee with no additional monthly payments. However, you may need to upgrade the hardware as you go, so getting a streaming service can be cheaper from year to year.

Input latency comparison

When comparing the input latency for multiplayer games, a physical PC always advances. Your keyboard and mouse inputs go directly to the PC, which is then sent over the Internet to the main server. Entries on cloud PCs, on the other hand, need to move from your PC to the cloud and then to game servers.

This is a potential problem if you want to play very competitive and fast shooters, such as Counter-Strike or Rainbow Six Siege. The few seconds you lose using a cloud PC can turn a win into a loss.

Games compatible with each system

When you buy a gaming platform, you can run any game you like on it. He may not like your specific material, but at least you can try it.

However, some streaming services are not compatible with all games. For example, Geforce Now requires developers to approve that their games appear on the service so that you don’t have all the games available on it. If your library is important to you, be sure to pay for a service compatible with your games.

Play games offline or with an uneven Internet

Of course, you will find that playing on a cloud computer is bad enough if your internet is uneven enough. If the internet goes down, you can’t play your games while you are spending time!

As such, if your ISP does not have the best ISP service record, you had better get a physical PC. That way you will always have something to do even if your Internet is having a bad day.

Installation repairs and updates

If you owned a gaming PC in the past, you may have encountered annoying hardware problems, BSOD, and the need to upgrade it from time to time. Platforms are great when they work perfectly, but when mistakes creep in and hardware gets older, stress begins.

Gaming Pc Cloud MotherboardGaming Pc Cloud Motherboard

In comparison, cloud PCs don’t experience as many problems. When problems arise, it’s not your problem; you can simply switch to another system while the hosts are repairing the PC.

Broadcast the game on other devices

Because cloud computers don’t require a large portion of the client’s device, they can be read on any screen. Some cloud gaming services allow you to play on laptops, browsers, TV and even your phone!

Gaming Pc Cloud PhoneGaming Pc Cloud Phone

This is not to say that physical PCs are down on this. There are services like Steam Link that allow you to connect your PC to another device. Your gaming platform does all the heavy work while your device acts as a screen.

What is best for you?

If you are not very competitive and you hate the idea of ​​buying and maintaining a gaming PC, a cloud gaming platform is your best option. You’ll need a good internet connection, but if you meet this requirement, you can play games wherever you want, on any device, all on the maximum settings, without worrying about spending the money. money in hardware.

However, the gaming PC is still the superior option for people who want the best of the best. From reducing typing time to being able to play whatever game you like, there is a lot to offer in the cloud.

Which one is best for you? Let us know below.


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