Are Apple Devices Really Worth What They Cost?

Are Apple Devices Really Worth What They Cost?

Sometimes I doubt that apple products they cost what they make us pay for them, but we buy them.

IPhone 12

Sometimes I have been tempted to change companies due to their high prices, but I have ended up reconsidering. The truth is that the simplicity of ios it catches me.

Manzana It has no competition, its products and services are so good that they end up making you think that the money you have spent has been worth it … The ecosystem on which those of Cupertino makes everything work really well and makes your life simple and easy. And today it is what the vast majority of us are looking for: simplicity and ease.

For less than € 800 you can form an interesting Apple ecosystem:

I like to try and know what I’m talking about. Mobile phones and competing devices have passed and will pass through my life. Android I like but Manzana I find it much more comfortable and intuitive and the ecosystem influences … a lot. That being using a iPad, for example, and that the second you have everything synchronized on the phone is a real pass.

Back to the topic. Manzana It is expensive, sometimes very expensive, but certain devices from the company are totally worth it. Phones, computers, and tablets are the best example. Without forgetting the wonderful Apple watch, without which many of us could not live. A person does not know how functional it is until they try it. Once you take it and do the device, you can not do without it. I tell you from my own experience.

If you search, you can find a 2nd generation iPhone SE for less than € 500 and a Apple Watch SE for less than € 300. Both devices are very good and for less than € 800 you have a great ecosystem formed.

What are your favorite products? Me without iPhone Y Watch I’m not a person, really.



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