Apps to congratulate CHRISTMAS 2020 and NEW YEAR 2021

Apps to congratulate CHRISTMAS 2020 and NEW YEAR 2021

We bring you the best apps to congratulate christmas and new year from the iPhone. The best to send original and fun congratulations.

Apps to congratulate Christmas

There is nothing left for Christmas to come. In fact, it is already being noticed in the environment between lights, events and purchases. It’s a time of year that many people love, but horrifies many other people. Today we show you some Applications to congratulate them.

Whatever you are, whether you like it or hate it, you can try any of the following apps Christmas. With them you can create very funny and original congratulations for all your contacts.

The best apps to congratulate Christmas and New Year 2021:

The applications that we show below can be found totally FREE at App Store. We note that some of them have in-app purchases:

PNP – Portable North Pole [Gratis]:

PNP - Portable North Pole

PNP – Portable North Pole

This application can be used by both children and adults. Adults can create greetings and videos of Santa for the little ones, while children will find funniest games and messages.

Download PNP

JIB JAB [Gratis]:

Create fun videosCreate fun videos

Create fun videos

Jib Jab create videos with our face making us protagonists. At Christmas it is usually updated by adding more models of videos related to Christmas. Download it and create a fun Christmas greeting!

Of course, it has integrated purchases. If you want to get the most out of it this Christmas, make one of those purchases and after the holiday season, unsubscribe. In the following article we teach you to unsubscribe from Jib Jab.

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Download JibJab

ElfYourself [Gratis]:

Like Jib Jab It is perfect for creating Christmas greetings, it already makes us protagonists of Christmas videos, but in this case it will make us one of Santa’s elves in a music video in which we will be dancing.

Download ELFYourself

Madlipz allows you to congratulate Christmas in a very funny way [Gratis]:

App to change the voice to videos and congratulate Christmas in a fun way

App to change the voice to videos and congratulate Christmas in a fun way

Madlipz It is a somewhat different application but it can also be used to create congratulations. What does? It allows us to dub scenes from certain movies ourselves. So you can congratulate people by being Darth vader or Rambo.

Download MadLipz

What do you think of the apps? If you know of any that are worthwhile, tell us in the comments of this article.

Greetings and merry christmas!!!


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