Apps for iPhone and iPad recommended to download in August 2020

Recommended apps for iPhone and iPad to download in June 2020

We are going to name you five applications that we recommend you download in August 2020. We encourage you, at least, to try them.

Top applications of August 2020

Top applications of August 2020

How every first of the month, we bring you iPhone and iPad apps that we recommend you download. All of them tested by us and that we find very interesting. In addition, this month all the ones we mention are free.

This month we will talk about applications to replace Tik Tok, we bring you very interesting games and even an app that we can use to make decisions or to carry out raffles. A selection of apps that we encourage you to download this month.

Recommended iPhone and iPad apps for AUGUST 2020:

In the following video we show you how each of the applications that we recommend you download for this month are like. Below we put the moment in which they appear in the video and the download link:

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These are the applications that appear in our video:

  • Triller (0:51): One of the apps that many people are migrating to given the uncertain future of Tik Tok in the US, among other countries. Download Triller.
  • Scribble rider (1:41): A so-called simple and addictive game in which we must draw the wheels for our vehicle and, with them, try to win all the races in which we will compete. to download Scribble rider.
  • Pick me (2:31): Fantastic app to make decisions and to run raffles. Download Pick Me.
  • World Football Manager (4:08): If you are a lover of soccer manager games, you will love this new app. Create your team and compete against thousands of managers on the planet. Download World Football Manager.
  • byte (5 o’clock): Another of the apps to which many people are emigrating due to the uncertain future of Tik Tok. Download Bytes.
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If you click on the minute that appears next to each app’s name, you can go directly to see it in the video without having to see everything.

We hope you liked this selection, all of them will come in handy for you to have a good summer. Of the ones we have tried lately, which have been a few, they are the ones we liked the most.

Without further ado, we wait for you next month with new recommendations for the month of September 2020, in which we hope to have already come out of quarantine.



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