Applications to edit videos from iPhone. THE BEST!!!

Applications to edit videos from iPhone.  THE BEST!!!

We talk about the best applications to edit videos from iPhone. Five apps with which you can create spectacular videos without having to have notions about audiovisual editing.

Video editing apps

Given our long history in the world of applications and having tested hundreds and hundreds of editors video, today we bring you those that, for us, are the best of the App Store.

Technology advances very fast and today there are exceptional tools to edit videos from our devices iOS, in an almost professional way. We remember that iPhone They have ousted video cameras when it comes to recording videos about events, trips, celebrations….

How does a Spanish saying go, «To taste the colors» and surely some of you will not agree with our selection. If so, whoever wants to contribute their bit and tell us which is, for him, the best video editor for iOSWe would appreciate it if you do in the comments of this article.

Applications to edit videos, FREE, from iPhone:

All the applications that we mention below are free. But some of them have in-app purchases.

Splice [Gratis]:

For us, the best video editor for iPhone

For us, the best video editor for iPhone

For us the best. It is the one we have installed in the iPhone and we can tell you that it is wonderful. Very intuitive to use and with the necessary tools to edit a video properly. We can choose the video format, add music, transitions, texts, modify speeds … a whole amalgam of options that will make you edit the video easily and with an almost professional finish. Click on the following link to know more about Splice.

Download Splice

iMovie [Gratis]:

Apple iMovie App

Apple iMovie App

The native app of Manzana to edit videos. It is not as complete as its desktop version but it helps us to edit video from our iPhone. With enough options for you to choose photos and videos from your reel and join them to create a good audiovisual composition that will surely leave you speechless. In addition, it is one of the best apps to rotate videos.

Download iMovie

Filmmaker Pro Video Editor [Gratis]:

Filmmaker PRO screenshot

Filmmaker PRO screenshot

We are facing one of the most complete video editing applications of the App Store, within the free apps. A great tool in which we have a multitude of functions and options with which to perform an almost professional edition. The power of this great editor is surprising, as you can see in the video review that we share above. We advise that you have in-app purchases.

Download Filmmaker Pro

InShot [Gratis]:

App InShot

InShot App

One of the most downloaded and used video editors, especially by users of Instagram. Free, simple and intuitive. All these qualities come together in one of the most effective editors in the App Store. Click on the following link if you want to meet InShot, more depth.

Download InShot

CapCut [Gratis]:

CapCut CapturesCapCut captures

CapCut captures

CapCut is a free, all-in-one video editing application that helps you create amazing videos. It is very easy to use. Cut, rewind and change speed … it is within the reach of few clicks. One of the most used editing apps in TikTok.

Download CapCut

We hope, with these five apps, we have discovered the video editor for iPhone what you need.

Without further ado, a greeting and until the next post.


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