Application with recipes to make bread, ideal for lovers of homemade bread

Application with recipes to make bread, ideal for lovers of homemade bread

Do you want to make your own homemade bread? Would you like to make pieces of pastries?… For this we recommend using the app Gluten Morgen, an application with which you will have access to the necessary ingredients to make your own bread and pastries.

Baker’s percentage app to make homemade bread

IPhone apps there are all kinds and this one comes with established recipes to make different types of bread. In addition, it allows us to add as many formulas as you want. Save them and make the calculations of the weight of the ingredients of your breads and cakes easily.

A very simple to use application that will allow us to create bread recipes and modify existing ones, then save them and have them always on hand to bake our bread, cake, croissant … wherever we go.

Baker’s percentage app, with ingredients to make homemade bread:

Upon entering the app, we directly access the main screen where we will see the entire conglomerate of native recipes and those that we create ourselves.

Recipes for making homemade bread

Recipes for making homemade bread

When clicking on any of the recipes, the ingredients appear in relation to the weight of the product we want to make.

If we change the weight of the bread or the percentage of some of the ingredients that appear to us, the formula will automatically vary so that it comes out as good as possible. They are established recipes that vary according to the percentage of ingredients that we add.

As we mentioned at the beginning, the app gives us the possibility to add our own recipes or formulas. From the main screen, click on the “+” option, which appears in the lower right part of the screen, and we can start adding the ingredients for the bread, cake, … and the proportion of each of them.

If you are, like us, lovers of homemade bread, we recommend installing it to put into practice the recipes that come by default and to create our own baking formulas.

Do not think that the application will show the temperature and cooking time, it is merely a recipe app where only ingredients will appear. The temperature and time that we should have our product in the oven will depend on ourselves.

Without further ado, we suggest you enter the world of homemade bread and pastries through this interesting and curious APPerla.

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