Application to watch movies and series for free on your iPhone and iPad

Application to watch movies and series for free on your iPhone and iPad

We are talking about a magnificent application with which you can watch movies and series for free on your iPhone and iPad. All this legally, with high quality and with a large video library that you can enjoy live or on demand.

App to watch movies and series for free

Great discovery that we have made this week the team of As always, searching new apps on the App Store To find the best ones and then recommend them to you, we have found gold.

If you are one of the people who are not subscribed to any platform where you can watch movies and series, or you are but want to search for new content, Pluto TV It is an application that will come to you with pearls. It is completely free. It’s not like Rakuten TV that offers you free content and, also, the possibility of paying a fee to view content without ads, news, etc…. You don’t even need registration.

Watch movies and series for free on your iPhone with the Pluto TV app:

When entering the app we will have to accept, if we want, some permissions such as the use of the Bluetooth to be able to connect the app with devices such as Apple tv, Chromecast, etc… .

After that we can start enjoying all its content.

Pluto TV interface

Pluto TV interface

In the lower menu of the screen we will see that two sections appear with which we can view content live or on demand:

  • live TV: In this menu we can access all the channels of the platform. In them there are channels of movies, series, children, sports…. In addition, by moving the screen to the left, we can see the content that will be broadcast in the next few hours.
  • On Demand: By accessing this option, a list will appear with all the movies and series that we can see at any time we want.
Pluto TV movies and series

Pluto TV movies and series

It also allows us to make our own content lists to make our favorite series and movies more accessible.

Another interesting thing is that it is compatible with IOS PiP, which allows us to see what we want while we use other apps.

A platform for movies and series that we encourage you to try and enjoy from your devices Manzana.

If you dare to download it, then we leave you the download link so you can do it right now:

Download Pluto TV

We hope that you have been interested in this magnificent application for iPhone and iPad and that you share it with all those who may be interested. We would appreciate it.



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