Application to SIMULATE CALLS on the iPhone

Application to SIMULATE CALLS on the iPhone

If you are looking for an app that allows you simulate calls on iPhone, we bring you the best there is right now in the App Store. Highly recommended to install.

App to simulate calls on iPhone

App to simulate calls on iPhone

Today we are going to talk about one of those Applications that we should all have in the iPhone. We tell you about Fake Call PLUS, an app that allows us to simulate calls. A function that will allow us to get away from some uncomfortable situations, from places where we do not want to be or that, also, will allow us to play the odd joke.

If you get overwhelmed when you are with some people, in meetings, in situations that are beyond your control … this application will come as a pearl. Simulate a call and get out of that awkward moment you are in.

We are going to tell you how this great app works for iOS And, below all, we leave you the download link.

How to simulate calls on iPhone:

In the following video we show you how it works Fake Call Plus. If pressing on the play does not appear just when we are talking about it, we will tell you that you have to advance to minute 2:04 :

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In the video we show you, in broad strokes, how it works but if you want to know more about the app, below we will talk more about it.

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How to set up fake calls on iPhone:

We warn, before configuring anything, that the app has ads (which can be removed with purchases in-app). That is why it is interesting that if you are going to configure it in a quiet place or at a time when you are talking to someone, the best thing is turn the volume down to a minimum, so that possible advertising videos that may appear are not heard. Once configured, Remember increase the volume again before pressing “Start Call”.

We enter the app and to configure a false call we must configure the settings that appear on the screen:

Fake Call PLUS ConfigurationFake Call PLUS Configuration

Fake Call PLUS Settings

  • Hour: Here we must configure the time in which we want the call to be made. It is good to program it for a short time since we do not have to lock the iPhone for the desired call to be made. The more time we put,
  • Caller: We write the name of the person who calls us, for example MOM, and we add a photo if we want their image to appear on the screen when they call us.
  • Tone and vibration: We choose the tone of the call that we want to sound when it is activated.
  • Sounds: Here we can add a phrase that will be heard through the telephone receiver to simulate that someone is calling us. There are some examples in English, but the interesting thing is to generate one with the voice memo app. We explained in the previous video how to do it and how to export it to the app.
  • Wallpaper: It is an option that we do not use and that we do not see much use for the use that we are going to make of the app. You can do tests yourself and, possibly, you are interested in configuring it. We already tell you that we did not need it.
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It is important not to block the iPhone when you want to receive the fake call:

It’s very important DO NOT BLOCK the Iphone. Once we configure the call, click on Star Call (remember to increase the volume if you have lowered it to avoid the sound of the announcements). A screen will appear in which we will choose the style of the call screen that we want to show.

Choose the style of the call screenChoose the style of the call screen

Choose the style of the call screen

After this it is essential to leave the iPhone in the state left by the app, showing a completely black screen. Remember DO NOT BLOCK.

In this way we will simulate that the phone is locked and, in the time that we have configured, the desired call will jump.

Simulate calls on iPhoneSimulate calls on iPhone

Simulate calls on iPhone

What do you think?. A great tool to get away from places or moments when we do not want to be.

You can also simulate calls from celebrities, celebrities, state security forces … to make a joke to a friend, family member, colleague … hehehehe.

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