Apple’s browser is not what it used to be. Is better

Apple's browser is not what it used to be.  Is better

Safari has undergone a radical change with the arrival of iOS 15. It maintains little of its previous aesthetics. Everything has changed except the application symbol but, as I said before, externally everything remains the same.

What’s new in Safari on iOS 15

With the arrival of iOS 15, on Safari you may take more advantage of the screen since the search engine has been lowered almost to the end of it, as if floating. Everything is very strange, but I think it’s better, really.

To close the open tabs, the page is minimized and a cross appears at the top right. Very intuitive, although it is now on the other side (We remember that before iOS 15 the “x” to close the tabs appeared on the left).

After many years without changes, it is difficult to get used to Safari in iOS 15:

I carry with iOS 15 almost a week of very intensive use, messing around a lot and enjoying the news. I already said it, the iphone 12 Mini, the mobile where I have installed the Beta, has become my best friend and my main phone, come on, that the iPhone 12 Pro It is stored in a drawer.

Of all the news, Safari It’s costing me a bit, really. But it is that it had been the same for so many years, that I had already gotten used to the model, but the one now is more intuitive and better to look at, from my point of view.

Screenshot of Safari in iOS 15

Screenshot of Safari on iOS 15

Now I see a “cleaner” application, easier to use and if you have several tabs open, just by sliding your hand across the screen you go from one page to another. Without a doubt, a very comfortable and intuitive way to use it.

The application has been completely redesigned and its usefulness and ease of use is greater. The truth is that it is much better now, and if you are new to ios, it will be very comfortable and intuitive for you.



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