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Apple will raise prices in certain App Store

Manzana has let developers in various countries know that the prices of apps Y games in their App Store will rise slightly.

Price increases in the App Store

A couple of years ago, users of the App Store europeans we saw how Manzana announced widespread price hikes for apps and games. Although the possibility of sell apps and games at € 0.49, apps that used to cost € 0.99 they happened to cost € 1.09.

The rise was generalized, being approximately something greater than 10% to the price that apps and games had previously and, in theory, it was due to the exchange rate. And today we know that Manzana announced to developers in certain countries that the prices of apps and games in those countries App Store must increase.

These increases will materialize in the coming days and it seems that they will be extended to the rest of Apple’s virtual stores

Specifically, the countries that will see their increased prices They are Albania, Brazil, Colombia, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa. The new price increases will be effective in the coming days and, although it seems that it will not affect the subscriptions of the apps themselves, it does seem that they will be extended to the rest of the virtual stores of Manzana how iTunes Store Y Apple books.

price increase in the App Store 3

Integrated purchases also increased their price

These increases are due, mainly and in most countries, to the addition to the prices of different taxes, taxes that include VAT increases and different compensations. And, as with the rise in prices in European stores, developers will have to start applying those price increases to their apps and games.

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What do you think of these measures? Of course, price increases are never welcome and, we are sure that, as happened in Europewill not be liked by developers or users of devices Manzana.

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