Apple will not allow apps to offer benefits for tracking us

Apple will not allow apps to offer benefits for tracking us

Manzana It will not allow applications that offer us benefits or rewards if we agree to track us and access our data.

Privacy is a maxim for Apple

One of the iOS 14.5 star features, announced with the release of iOS 14, have been the notifications and anti-tracking functionalities. These functions are part of the star characteristic of iOS 14, which was the improvement in user privacy, and It has also been one of the most criticized since it was known.

And, from the looks of it, Manzana is going to make this happen completely, preventing in a rather striking way that users are the ones who decide if we want to be tracked or not and have interference in the decision we make.

Apple won’t let apps include perks or misleading messages for us to agree to be tracked

The way it is going to do this is by preventing apps from offering us advantages or benefits by letting them access our data and track us. In this way, the apps will not be able to encourage us to let us track in exchange for different benefits.

And it’s not just that apps can’t add those options. But Manzana will directly block and will not allow them to be in the App Store applications that have a method that encourages us to be tracked.

disable app tracking

IOS 14.5 Anti-Tracking

Not only that, but since Manzana They also do not want there to be messages in the apps that encourage users to be tracked. Messages such as that we allow tracking to improve our user experience or that we press allow when we see the anti-tracking notification.

This new measure is undoubtedly a way to protect its users. But also to ensure that one of those that has been its star measure is fulfilled and leave it completely in the hands of the users if we want to let them track us or not.

What do you think of this measure by Manzana? Would you let the apps track you if they offered you any benefits such as discounts or prizes of different kinds?


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