Apple will improve the security and privacy of AirTags

Apple will improve the security and privacy of AirTags

Manzana wants to improve the security and privacy of AirTag so that com elements cannot be used to spy and track people.

New measures for AirTags

For some time now, and definitively, the AirTag they are already for sale and among us. This small accessories of Manzana allow us to locate the objects we want and allow us to find them if we lose them through our account iCloud in the app Look for.

But while they are accessories that can be very useful, They can also have a negative part, and that is that they can serve to spy on people and locate them, if we leave an AirTag on an object of that person. And that’s precisely what Apple wants to avoid with the new privacy and security enhancements.

With these new measures it will be more difficult for an AirTag to be used to spy on people

Right now, the AirTag they already have a way of letting us know that we have one of them on top of us. Specifically, they emit a sound three days after the AirTag be better off from its owner, that is, from the device to which the AirTag belongs.

But with the new improvements, this method will be much more effective. From what it seems, from the release of the update for these small devices, they will emit a sound in a period of time that goes from 8 hours to 24 hours. That is, there will not be as much margin as the current three days.

airtag data lost

A lost AirTag

In addition, although they are totally designed for the owners of an ecosystem of Manzana, from the company they want to create an application for Android so that users of this operating system can also detect and know that an AirTag device that allows them to locate them without their permission is “traveling” with them.

Of course, all privacy and security improvements for all devices are welcome. Even more so when they are devices that allow people to be located and tracked. What do you think of these measures to you?


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