Apple Watch, the best watch for swimming you can buy

Apple Watch Series 6 and SE are just as waterproof as their predecessors

Apple watch is possibly the best watch for swimming if you are a person who practices this sport to keep fit. We explain our experience to you.

Best watch for swimming. (Image:

We have finally been able to test our Apple watch swimming A watch that is designed to monitor any sports activity and from its model Series 2, is designed, above all, for water sports such as swimming.

It was to be expected that Manzana would take a model, of his smart watch, waterproof. A watch designed for sports … how can it not be used to perform one of the most practiced sports by all?

As owners of one of these watches, we have tested it doing all kinds of sports and the truth is that it works very well. We had to try it swimming and we have done it.

We recommend you read this opinion piece before reading on. We tell you things that you have to take into account before buying it and that Apple does not tell us directly.

Why we think the Apple Watch is the best watch for swimming:

Our experience with him while swimming was most satisfying.

As soon as we enter the pool, we accessed the app Between us and we select the option «Swimming in pool»Or «Swimming in open water».

Choose swimming training

Choose the swim training

As you can see, we have a button with three dots in training. By clicking on it, we can configure the goal we want to achieve in training.

Mark your goal to achieve

Mark your goal to achieve

If we do not choose any objective, the training will be free and we will only have to configure the length of the pool and swim until the body endures.

Once the timer starts running, the watch locks into the water mode. A drop of water appears in the upper right part of the screen, to know that we can swim calmly without worrying about whether water enters the watch.

Training screen of the best watch for swimming

Screen that you will see in training

To pause our training session, we must quickly turn the crown to unlock the water mode. When doing so, it will emit a sound and a vibration will be produced that allows to expel the water that may have entered the Apple watch. After this, we move the screen from left to right to access the options of pause / resume, Finalize, water lock….

Screen to end, pause or block training

Screen to end, pause or block training

With the aquatic unlock removed, we can also highlight any of the items that appear on the screen. Turning the crown of the watch we can color the time, active calories, lengths or distance. In this way, by highlighting the one that we are interested in controlling, we can consult it at a glance.

The count of lengths and meters made, nailed them. It worked perfectly. It is true that in the middle of the session we saw that we had some extra length, but at the end of the training session everything settled down.

Training statistics:

At the end of the activity and click on the button «FINALIZE”, A very complete summary of the exercise performed appears. All this will be saved and we can see it, in the app Fitness of our iPhone.

Best Apple Watch 5 Swimming Watch

Training statistics

Conclusion on, for me, the best watch for swimming:

I am extremely happy with the performance of this watch monitoring my swimming sessions.

At the moment I have nothing to criticize him.

If you are an experienced swimmer and compete in this sport, the same is clock does not meet your expectations. We know swimming watches that are true statistical machines and can be much more accurate than the apple watch. But if you are a person who, like me, likes to swim in the plan amateur to keep you fit, the Apple watch it might be the best swim watch you can buy.

If you have been convinced by our opinion, don’t wait any longer and give yourself the luxury of comparing one of the Apple watch water resistant. Click below to access the device you want to see prices for and find out:

The difference in the size of the dial, 44mm. and 40mm., It will depend on the size of your wrist. If you are a woman or your wrist size is between 130 and 200mm, it is most likely that you should buy the 40mm one. . If your wrist is between 140 and 220mm. the 44mm. would be the one we recommend you buy.


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