Apple Watch Series 7. Redesign, more autonomy and no new sensor

Apple Watch Series 7. Redesign, more autonomy and no new sensor

For the first time in a long time, Cupertino may not implement new health sensors in the Apple Watch Series 7. It seems that this year it will come with a redesign and, according to rumors, improvements in the autonomy of the device could arrive.

Apple Watch Series 7 prototype

According Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst of Manzana, the Series 7 could present the first redesign of the Apple watch in many years. Since the Series 4 The watch has not received any kind of novelty in its design and it seems that this year there will be.

It could include a flat edge, similar to iPhone 12 or to iPad Pro, and it is also rumored that Manzana is adopting the new double-sided technology System in Package (SiP) to reduce the size of the processor.

More space inside the Apple Watch Series 7 for increased battery size:

A report from Economic Daily News points out that the chip “S7”Being smaller, it will free up internal space for a larger capacity battery.

It is expected to retain the size of the current generation model or to ‘thicken’ it slightly, which could leave ample room for Manzana increase the battery capacity inside.

One reason to prioritize increasing battery life in the Series 7 the thing is Manzana could attract owners of older models of Apple watch. This could be particularly attractive for users whose battery life has gradually deteriorated over the years.

Increasing the battery capacity could also allow the apple watch to compete against rival smartwatches that tend to promote their battery life. multi-day battery, As the Fitbit Versa 3, which can work for more than six days on a single charge.

New Apple Watch Health Sensors:

That extra space could also be used, inside the watch, to add additional health sensors but it is expected that Manzana delay the introduction of these new sensors to 2022 at the earliest.

According Bloomberg, Manzana is working on adding sensors for monitoring blood glucose to Apple Watch, using a non-invasive optical sensor. But it seems that this will not be ready for commercial release, for the next few years.

What if i could throw Manzana in 2022 is a body temperature sensor in the Apple watch. Many suggest that it will be presented in 2021, but experts say that it could be implemented for next year’s model.

And what do you prefer in the Apple Watch Series 7… Increased autonomy or new sensors ?.


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