Apple Watch heart rate and ECG measurements sometimes fail

Apple Watch heart rate and ECG measurements sometimes fail

I’ve always said that the Apple watch is one of the best products, or the best, of those who have Manzana for sale. I love it and I can’t be without it in my day to day life, but by using it so much, and for everything, I am discovering its faults. And some have… I wish it were perfect.

Apple Watch and exercise

My intention is not to criticize said product, on the contrary, I always praise it and I think I have the iPhone because I have the Apple watch. It is true that first I bought the iPhone and over the years the clock, but the Watch It has become a fundamental accessory for me.

I have had several models throughout my life and in my house, we are 4 members, currently there are 3 watches of Manzana. Two of them perform EKGs and one of the family members needs heart rate measurement and EKG due to different medical problems related to the heart. But he always complains about the same thing: “When you exercise and your finger and wrist are wet, you don’t get the data well and it’s not reliable. I really need it in those extreme circumstances, not the rest of the day. “.

If you do sports, the Apple Watch does not measure your heart rate well and does not do the electrocardiograms correctly:

If you are sitting in the office, working, the measurement that the clock makes of your pulsations is not extremely relevant, but it is good. The important thing is that it does it when you put your heart to the test, that is, when you have been exercising. I have to say that it fails there and is not good … If you need to do an electrocardiogram with sweaty hands, after playing sports, it does not do it correctly.

Apple Watch ECG

Apple Watch ECG

One of the reasons why there are so many in my house Apple watch it is by the measurement of pulsations and by the realization of the electrocardiogram. After what we have experienced we need it, it is tremendously important to us, although if it does not detect you with wet hands … The doctor advised it and now it does not understand that this failure occurs.

In summer, many times and due to the extreme heat, the gym is replaced by swimming in the pool…. The Apple Watch is waterproof, it tells you the amount of time swum and all that, but in the water it crashes and does not work. It does this to keep water out of it, which is logical and reasonable, but you can’t take an EKG after swimming because the Apple Watch is locked … The truth is, it’s a bit of a drag and Manzana I had to look at it.

What do you think?.


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