Apple updates its clips app with interesting news

Apple updates its clips app with interesting news

Manzana you have updated your app Clips, its app with which to create videos and different content, and the update includes interesting news.

The Apple app

About three years ago, Apple surprised users of their devices by launching an app to create videos fun with effects, GIFs and other call Clips. This app has been constantly updated with many new features and new features and, after the launch of iOS 14 and the new iPhone, has received another very interesting update.

In this update we have new accounts that make this fun and creative video app even better. And, in addition to the news, the app has also had a slight redesign for both iPhone as for iPad. Support for Manzana Pencil Y Scribble as well as for trackpads and mice in the latter.

The main novelty of this update of Clips is the support of HDR and Dolby Vision

Probably the most prominent new feature in this app update Clips is the new compatibility and support with HDR, in images and videos, and Dolby View featured in the new iPhone 12 and 12 Pro.

But this is not its only novelty. The update has also included new stickers and shapes to add, as well as new melodies for our videos. There are also widespread improvements when it comes to formats, share menu and filters, and other customization elements for videos.

Disney Clips 2Disney Clips 2

Disney stickers in the Clips app

This update of Clips It is version 3.0 and you can find it to update in the App Store. Yes, you haven’t tried the app, and you like to create funny videos, we recommend it. We are sure that if you download it, as long as you have ios 14, and you try it, you will be surprised by the amount of things you can do with your videos with this app Manzana.

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