Apple Store leaks 4.7-inch ‘iPhone SE’ name

Apple Store leaks 4.7-inch ‘iPhone SE’ name

Apple’s next 4.7-inch iPhone is expected to be announced soon and should be called the iPhone SE. A Belkin screen protector is currently online at the Apple Store and listed for the iPhone SE as well as the 8 and 7, corresponding to reports that the new phone has a design similar to these models.

Earlier today 9to5Mac reported the name of the iPhone SE, as well as details, including the fact that it will be available in white, black and red color options with storage levels of 64 GB, 128 GB and 256 GB. The device should come with an A13 processor, although pricing information is still unknown.

The Belkin accessory is called “InvisiGlass Ultra screen protector for iPhone SE / 8/7”. It is on sale now for $ 39.95, although store pickup has not been available since Apple closed all of its stores outside of China. The product is also available in a 5.5-inch size, but this list only refers to the iPhone 7 Plus and 8 Plus. 9to5MacM.’s previous report suggests that a new 5.5-inch iPhone is also on its way.

There have been rumors of a new 4.7-inch iPhone for several months now, but while supply chain analysts are often able to glean material details ahead of time, it is rare for anyone can make accurate predictions about product marketing decisions like the name of a particular iPhone. Apple shares this information with very few people internally, and of course, it’s easier to decide closer to launch than the basic hardware of a device.

The original iPhone SE was released in March 2016 for $ 399 and essentially fulfilled the specifications of the 2015 iPhone 6S in an iPhone 5 body. Some rumors referred to this future 4.7-inch phone as an “iPhone 9”, as it would flow directly from the 8, but “SE” would technically conform to the previous use of the name.


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