Apple responds to Facebook campaign against iOS privacy

Apple could unify all its services in a single subscription

Manzana has responded strongly to the recent campaign launched by Facebook against the new privacy rules of iOS 14.

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Facebook receives response from Apple

Yesterday, Facebook launched a campaign against Apple’s new privacy rules introduced with the iOS 14.3 update. In this campaign against Apple, Facebook alleged that it was defending small businesses and businesses.

He based the entire campaign on it, claiming that businesses that use his personalized ads to reach potential customers would see them lose revenue due to the new anti-tracking and privacy rules of Manzana.

Apple has responded to the Facebook campaign with a tweet from Tim Cook

While Facebook seems to have become the champion of small businesses, what seems rather with this campaign is that he is seeing how his business model can weaken. And, thanks to these privacy rules, users can choose that the apps do not track us and know what data they access.

Given this campaign and its more than foreseeable intention, Manzana makes decided to answer. He did it through a tweet from his CEO Tim Cook in which it makes quite clear how this new privacy and anti-tracking rules work.

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Tim Cook’s tweet in which he replies to Facebook

In the tweet, Tim Cook clarifies that since Manzana They believe that users should be able to choose and know what data is collected from us and how it is used. In addition, it clarifies that Facebook you can continue to track users through apps and websites as you did before. But that, to do so, you will have to obtain the permission of the users to be tracked.

With this message, Manzana makes it quite clear how the privacy rules of iOS 14 work, in addition to exposing Facebook. And it is that, as it says Tim cook, nothing prevents Facebook continue with its business model with these standards, but users will be more aware of the information we share.

What do you think of this answer? Of course, and as we have already said once, yes Facebook is against something regarding privacy, it is because it is very positive for users.


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