Apple releases patch for Mojave and Safari security update 14

Apple releases patch for Mojave and Safari security update 14

Although “we know it’s a great idea to download and install security updates, sometimes, like any version of software, there are issues with a security update. This is the case with the macOS Mojave security update which was released on September 24. It caused so much trouble that Apple pulled it out and then replaced it with the Mojave Supplemental Update Patch a day later.

Mojave Security Update

If you’ve never upgraded to macOS Catalina, always use macOS Mojave and have the Mojave Security Update in the past few weeks you may have been having issues.

Users reported memory issues, slow boot times, Finder freezing, multiple system.log entries, Migration Assistant crashes, and more. The complaints have been around since its publication, but they were not withdrawn until September 30.

Possible fixes include reverting to a Time Machine backup, reinstalling Mojave, or upgrading to macOS Catalina.

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Additional Mojave Update

Instead of these previously mentioned fixes, you can also install the MacOS Mojave 10.14.6 Supplemental Update which was released a day after Apple removed the Mojave update which was causing all the issues.

Apple says the update fixes app performance issues, a Migration Assistant stability issue, and an issue that may prevent you from creating a user account. Note that this update requires a restart of your Mac, unlike normal Safari updates. Don’t worry, it’s supposed to happen.

The last update will fix account creation issues, Migration Assistant crash, software update errors, Time Machine local snapshot errors, and memory issues.

In addition to the fix, Apple has also re-released the Mojave security update after initially pulling it. This makes it difficult to determine what you need.

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If you have only installed Safari 14.0, version 14610., you will be offered security update 2020-005 10.14.6. It will install a patched version of the Safari Supplemental Update and the reissued version of the Mojave Security Update. Restart and you will be updated.

If you only installed the Mojave Security Update, you will be offered the macOS 10.14.6 Supplemental Update. Just install it and you’re done.

Did you all agree with the update and have you installed Safari 14.0 and Mohave Security Update 2020-005? You will be offered the macOS Supplemental Update 10.14.6. It will install a corrected version of the Safari Supplemental Update. After a restart you will be up to date.

You might be one of those delaying updates. You will be offered security update 2020-005 10.14.6 when you try to update. It will install a corrected version of Safari Supplemental Update and the republished version of Mojave Security Update. After a reboot, you will be all set.

If you’re using macOS, read on to learn how to make Ubuntu look like macOS Mojave 10.14.

Image Credit: Apple Newsroom, macOS Mojave and public domain

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