Apple releases new headphones, and they are not AirPods

Apple releases new headphones, and they are not AirPods

Manzana has launched new wireless headphones to cover its range, although we are not facing new ones AirPods.

New Beats

Some time ago, Manzana I buy Beats. The well-known brand of headphones became part of the assets of the apple company and, since then, we have seen how Apple launched some headphones and accessories under the brand.

And, now, we have been able to see how Manzana has launched new wireless headphones that, although they are not new AirPods, we are sure that they will absolutely meet expectations. These are new headphones from Beats called Beats Studio Buds.

These new headphones from Manzana (Beats), available in red, black and white, are quite similar to the AirPods that we know in many ways. Among them, for example, we find a new charging case very similar to the one already known from the AirPodsyy AirPods Pro, and it also has True Wireless and noise cancellation.

The new Beats Studio Buds fit the AirPods Pro range

But we have some differences compared to the flagships of Manzana when it comes to headphones. Among these differences, for example, we can see that these new Beats Studio Buds do not have touch controls. In this case, the controls are made through a button on the headphones.

With regard to autonomy, a very important aspect, they have an approximate autonomy of 5 hours without the need to carry out any charge. And, to be able to charge these headphones, we have a USB and not Lightning as if they count the AirPods.

new airpods beats studios buds 1

The colors of the new Beats Studio Buds

One of the important points of the headphones, in addition to autonomy, is the price. And, in this case, these new Apple headphones can be purchased for a price of € 149.95, which implies that they would be found, directly, in the range of AirPods Pro.

It’s certainly a shame that Apple’s new headphones aren’t brand new. AirPods. But we are sure that these new Beats Studio Buds will be a great accessory and, in case they don’t convince you, the new AirPods are just around the corner. What do you think of these new headphones from Manzana?


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