Apple presents its new AirPods Max headphones

Apple presents its new AirPods Max headphones

Manzana has launched a completely new and novel over-ear headphones by surprise that it has called AirPods Max.

airpods max 2

The design of the new headphones

After the presentations that we have seen in the past months we have been able to see how Manzana was presenting different novelties. These novelties include the new iPhone 12 and the new Mac with Apple’s own chip.

But, although the most anticipated novelties have been presented in these presentations, there were some to be presented. It is, for example, the case of AirTags. But also the case of headphones that many were waiting for and that Manzana has launched today by surprise: AirPods Max.

The new AirPods Max has incredible functions and usage statistics

These new Apple AirPods they are probably the best headphones designed by Manzana till the date. These are headband headphones that, due to their functions and novelties, seem focused on a professional environment.

Among the novelties that stand out we find the high fidelity sound, the active noise cancellation with ambient sound mode that we can activate or deactivate using the button they have for it, as well as spatial audio.

airpods max 1airpods max 1

The new AirPods Max in its two views

But not only that, but they also have a Digital Crown or digital crown similar to the Manzana Watch. In these headphones it will allow us to control the volume and playback, as well as invoke Siri and answer calls.

The AirPods Max They also offer a long time of use. With a single full charge, we can enjoy up to 20 hours of audio, video, or talk playback. In addition, they have fast charging so that when charging them during 5 minutes, can be used during more than an hour playing music.

The price of AirPods Max is € 629 and they are available in five different colors: Silver, Space Gray, Sky Blue, Pink and Green. In the box of the same we will find, in addition to the headphones, a practical case for the same in which, when inserting the headphones, an ultra-low consumption mode will automatically be activated with which a lot of battery life will be saved.


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