Apple Maps will include interesting news with iOS 14.5

Apple Maps will include interesting news with iOS 14.5

Manzana Maps you’re going to get some pretty cool news once the update is available iOS and iPadOS 14.5.

News comes to Apple maps

Everything points to what iPadOS and iOS 14.5 are going to be some pretty powerful updates as for what news is concerned. And, not only do we know the initial news, but some are also being discovered thanks to the betas.

One of these “hidden” novelties is the possibility of set Spotify as default player on our devices. But the thing does not stop there and more and more news is being found in the different betas.

Apple Maps will allow us to report incidents with iOS 14.5:

In this case it was the turn of Apple Maps. This own app of iOS that was launched with the intention of facing Google maps it has probably been one of the most criticized and least used in spite of having been improving more and more.

And thanks to iOS 14.5 a new very interesting improvement will come. Once the update is fully deployed we can add from Manzana Maps notices for the rest of users, being able to do the same as well.

apple maps report accident hazard radar

The three incidents that we can report

These notices that we can report seem to be a total of 3. The first of them will be the possibility of reporting an accident, but not only that, but we can also warn of a specific danger on the road. And, also being probably the most interesting, the possibility of notifying where there are radars placed.

With these three possibilities to report different incidents, Manzana Maps it is even closer to its competitors. And it is that many other maps and navigation apps already had the possibility of reporting these incidents on the road.

In any case, it is positive to see how Manzana little by little it is improving one of its services that could have a lot of potential. What is your opinion? Will you give the maps of Manzana after these new features are included?


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