Apple Maps updates the rotation of the earth in real time

Apple Maps updates the rotation of the earth in real time

If you want to see the earth rotation in real time, you must access the maps of Manzana. There you can see it completely live.

Earth rotation in real time

Earth rotation in real time

Apple Maps It is one of the services on the block that cost the most to start. Little by little it is attracting many users of iOS who migrated to Google Maps, like us, since the improvements are increasing and the operation of the application is reaching the maturity that we all expected for a long time.

To be at the level of functionality of the maps of Google lacked having a function similar to Street view And it is something that we already have available in some countries and that, little by little, will be reaching many others. This feature greatly improves street views of Google Maps and if you want to know how it works we advise you take a look at the following video where we talk about Look Around, which is what this function is called.

But today we are going to deal with another point and one that will especially delight astronomy lovers.

How to see the rotation of the earth in real time:

A while ago we told you about a fabulous tip of Apple Maps that I personally love. We encourage you to see it because it is the way to see the rotation of our planet:

Obviously the rotation is slow and we will have to spend some time looking at the screen to see how, little by little, the shadow of the night is advancing and the lights of the cities are turning on.

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But as we want to show you, I have uploaded to my personal account of Twitter A video of 1 hour. 27min., which I have accelerated to leave it in about 3 seconds, where you can see this advance of the night over Spain, in fast motion. You can see it below.

This confirms that the apple maps They show the earth’s rotation in real time. This is something that is worth mentioning and very nice to see.

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